Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The rest of the story: the chocolate graduation cap

I have to admit I ate TWO of the graduation caps that were such a hit at the reception described in a previous post here. But I really do have an excuse. Really.

My walking was a little more unsteady than usual, especially in the church’s crowded reception area after Matthew’s graduation. Husband Walter helped me find a perch and volunteered to bring me some of the abundant and delicious food the moms had prepared. After the crowd had thinned, and we had enjoyed visiting and munching, I asked him to snag me a bit more fruit and chips.

I left my seat for a brief and wobbly photo excursion. When I returned, my plate had reappeared on the low table in front of my chair. I didn’t see Hubby anywhere, but he had obviously fulfilled my request with one much appreciated addition, a second chocolate graduation cap. How thoughtful. And it was so-o-o-o-o good!

As I finished it, my dear husband walked up, looked at my plate and asked, “Where is my chocolate graduation cap?”

Uh oh! Making matters worse was the fact that I had unwittingly devoured the last one of the special treats. Maybe I can atone by supplying our kitchen with some of the same kind of chocolates used to create the sumptuous suckers. Nah. I know it would just not be the same.


  1. Oh dear, an honest and yet delicious mistake.

  2. Aww, poor Walter! I bet he would like it if you got some of that candy!

  3. Yeah, I have been known to eat David's share. Lol.

  4. thanks for my first laugh out loud of the day. bob would know not to sit chocolate in front of me... and bobs favorite candy is reeses pb cup....

  5. I do love chocolate. Next to coffee it is the elixer of life. We know God loves us cause he made chocolate. Dianne