Friday, December 10, 2021

Industrial Ag

Strawberry field

Our Sunset Beach Campground site on the California coast was adjacent to huge fields of strawberries.

Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits. That nearby example of large-scale strawberry production had me itching to get an up-close look and take photos with my iPhone.

I could see the field just beyond the campsite across from ours. But to get close would have required Hubby helping me navigate the fairly steep and uneven terrain to get to the field's edge. 

Hubby squelched that challenging and unsafe adventure but assured me he would stop by the fields upon our departure from the campground. 

Once on the way, he volunteered to take my iPhone and get the images I wanted.


Before he exited our van, though, he did admonish me that we absolutely, positively would NOT indulge in any unauthorized strawberry picking. 

I'm blessed. He helps me have wonderful travel experiences and even helps me keep a clear conscience! 



Friday, December 3, 2021

Sunday Walk

A short drive north of us is the headquarters for our community's recreation program. A playground, two baseball fields and tennis courts share space with an old live oak, pine trees and a few smaller trees.

On a Sunday afternoon it is a great place for walking with little to no traffic

An afternoon early in June 2021 was different. Something was going at the water tower next to the tennis courts. 

I stopped in the shade of a pine tree to take a look. (Navigating with my rollator is tricky if I shift my focus far above what is directly in front of me.) 

Someone was on the water tower, and white haze rose from the top. Vehicles and various trailers clustered at the base of the structure.

I fiddled with my iPhone and brought into focus a worker perched on the upper edge of the water tower. 

Yikes. Just seeing a human being in that position made me queasy. Sandblasting evidently was underway.

A few days later the tank was protected by what looked like a heavy canvas cocoon. We have not been back in that area since. I'm sure that when we do take another Sunday walk there the water tower will sport a new paint job.

Even with strict safety measures those workers involved had to be more at ease with heights than I have ever been.

An ordinary Sunday stroll turned into a wakeup call to be thankful for individuals who go to great lengths to keep our community's infrastructure in good shape,

Photos taken with my iPhone.