Friday, June 14, 2013

On the road to celebrate life: a 50th anniversary

A happy time: from the right, my “baby” brother Mike, our cousin Gloria--the anniversary girl, and me

Following the Saturday, May 4, birthday celebration for grandson Walker, we left the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home of our youngest son for Milestone #2, a 50th anniversary dinner for our cousin Gloria and her husband Robert.

Husband Walter and I hitched a ride for the two-hour trip from Baton Rouge to Lake Charles, Louisiana, with my brother Mike and sister-in-law Sonya. It was a chance for non-stop visiting.

Gloria and Robert’s three daughters had organized the event for their parents, and we enjoyed the results of their event-planning skills. The private dining room was just the right size, quickly merging the 40 or so guests into a congenial group.

A highlight for me was a conversation with Robert before we were all seated. He has a flair for oral storytelling, and he recounted for us the story of his courtship of Gloria. Gloria is about five years my senior, and I had not been privy to the charming details as they unfolded.

My admiration for Robert grew, both for his skill as a storyteller and as a lifetime mate for the cousin I have loved and admired so much through the years.

The evening was a perfect blend of extended family I hadn’t seen in awhile,  acquaintances new to me among the couple’s circle, shared memories, lots of laughter, some happy tears and exceptionally delicious and memorable food.

My late mother considered Gloria and Robert in her “special people” category. The couple had continued to visit her often as she aged through the years. That meant a lot to her and to me.

I also appreciated the good Samaritans who took the photo at the beginning of this post and the “quick-everybody-line-up” shot below, all on my sister-in-law’s iPhone.

From left, Gloria’s husband Robert, Walter, me, Gloria, my brother Mike and sister-in-law Sonya.


  1. A very special anniversary! All those happy smiles! Glad you could be together to celebrate.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to make the event and spend time with all those special people in your life.

  3. Great anniversary celebration and photos of the family.

  4. Fifty years together is such an accomplishment today. What a happy looking group. So glad you got to go and enjoy.

  5. fantastic family foto at the end.

  6. Happy 50th to Gloria and Robert, and how wonderful for you to be so close to relatives. Mine are all so far away, alas. Dianne