Saturday, October 30, 2021

Creepy Time

 I am appreciating the Halloween decorations at a home we pass on our way to run errands. (Photos by Hubby)

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Repetitious living?

About five years ago I started a post on what was at that time my new iPad mini, an alternative to my much heavier MacBook Pro laptop which had developed issues.

Learning to use my new techie toy was slow going; and when my attempt to post did not bear immediate fruit, I left that draft languishing. 

In a recent rare spurt of clearing out old blog drafts, I read that  rough draft from half a decade ago. It struck me that my life may have become repetitious. From that old draft:

"Less than a month is left for me to build up stamina for travel that Hubby and I have planned for May.

"Earlier this week my walking buddy Ann and I made it to the Biloxi Bay bridge for the first time in what seems like forever. My issues with toes and Bioness foot-drop system are, I hope, on the way to being resolved.

"I only made it to the .3-mile marker and back, but being outside and moving was worth the sweat and fatigue. And immersion in the sunshine, breeze, beautiful scenery and nonstop conversation with a dear friend was a dose of pure joy."

I realized I was becoming repetitious when I found a draft I started Monday April 5, of this year:

"Hubby and I walked the bridge for the first time in at least six months."

Yep, repetitious writing and repetitious habits. Once again I have been blaming weather, packed schedules and those dratted toe issues for not walking as much. 

And I only made it to the two-tenths of a mile marker that Monday morning in April. But being outside on a beautiful day with my beloved once again sparked the surge of pure joy I had described five years earlier.

Now it is six months later. I never have gotten back to walking the bridge. Even though I have yet to ramp up the purposeful walking, Hubby and I are still traveling, thanks to his determination, organization and willingness to help me cope with physical challenges.

Recently we packed up our van and joined other family and friends for the wedding of our youngest son and his intended at a ranch in Wyoming's Teton National Park. 

Afterwards we headed to Oregon's west coast and are now on our way along the California coast. We are enjoying van camping in gorgeous state campgrounds with rare stays at motels.

Hubby and me with Golden Gate Bridge in background

The Pacific coast terrain is not kind to my keeping my balance--or keeping control of my rollator. But what a joy that Hubby helps me experience the raw beauty of this environment so different from our Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Hubby's pattern of travel is him, me, the road, and intriguing environments and experiences. So this is sending best wishes to western blogging friends that I won't get to see in person and catching up on the posts of all blogging friends when WIFI is once again available.