Friday, June 21, 2013

On the road to celebrate life: Granddaughters’ ballet

 Charlie, one of our Georgia ballerinas

Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19, were May Milestones #5 and #6. We were able to attend, for the first time, our Georgia granddaughters’ spring ballet performances, seven-year-old Charlie’s on Saturday and five-year-old Stella’s on Sunday.

From ballet slippers to boots, Charlie poses post-performance. 

No photos or videos were allowed during the performance, but I had to satisfy a grandmother’s need to capture memories of the baby ballerinas, so proud and happy in their tights, tutus and traditional ballerina hairdos. Saturday the dancers were waiting for parents outside after the performance.

The crowds and movement had me clutching my hiking stick, trying to keep my balance while absorbing the energy, color and joy of the children involved in the event. Husband Walter captured the photos of the sisters after Charlie’s performance on Saturday. He does such a good job.
Stella releases pent-up energy after an afternoon of watching, not doing, ballet.

Ballet friends

Sarah and daughters end a day of dance.
I liked this back view of our daughter-in-law Sarah, left, and our little bunheads Stella and Charlie. I almost edited out the term “bunhead” after a check of definitions in the Urban Dictionary

Most were far from positive. But the first part of the following definition, not the snobbery part, was definitely my meaning.

Bunhead: term for a ballet dancer, either used affectionately or used to imply a degree of snobbery

Sunday came with rain for Stella’s performance, eliminating the opportunity for photos immediately after the performance. I managed to capture a few snaps of her in her tutu as soon as we all arrived back at their home.
A proud Stella poses in her ballet attire.

I was amazed that ballet had evidently melted her former reluctance to smile for a photo or even look at the camera. After both Charlie’s performance Saturday and Stella’s Sunday event, this formerly camera-shy granddaughter turned a friendly face to the camera.
 Stella smiles.

 Another smile for the camera

I love close-up images, especially of flowers and grandchildren. The images of flowers are so much easier for me to capture than those of active youngsters. But even so, my grandchildren are the favorite images in my emotional flower garden. All the photos except of Stella after her Sunday performance are Hubby’s shots.
 Stella close-up

 Charlie close-up


  1. You will be amazed at how dance will really bring the children OUT and give them confidence and teach them to smile and comport themselves. It has done wonders for our granddaughter's confidence. But the teachers can be real Nazis about makeup and dressing and those darn BUNS! They even make the kids have buns who have really short short hair!! And heavy makeup even for the three year olds. BUT isn't it a complete JOY to watch!!!

  2. All I can say is AWWwwww....
    You have some delightfully sweet Granddaughters.
    I'm so glad you could see them in their tutus and Bunheads...(:0)

  3. Adorable and moments to treasure forever. My little ballerinas are all grown. Dianne

  4. those last two photos are fantastic of both of them, they are gorgeous girls... i know your heart must just melt right out of your body when you watch them. i read and commented on your sons hilarious post.

  5. Those little granddaughters of yours are adorable. What a wonderful opportunity to go to their dance recitals. I'm sure you all had a wonderful time.

  6. Your little budding ballerinas are simply beautiful! Great photos :)