Thursday, June 13, 2013

Doctor’s visit

I sure did appreciate the recommendations for weigh-in strategies and the encouragement about my doctor’s visit from blogging friends yesterday. 

My worries about weight gain and the probability of a  lecture from the doctor were all for naught. I weighed two pounds less than at my previous visit, and there was no lecture. I confess I was sneaky, though.

Prior to the 9:40 a.m. appointment, I strategically limited consumption—no breakfast, just a swallow or two of water and a few peanuts so that I adhered to the “take with food” directions for one of my four morning meds and vitamins.

The good news was that after Tish the nurse weighed me in and took my blood pressure, my internist came in and said that my body mass index (BMI) was good and that I don’t need to lose anymore weight.

The not as good news was that a couple other numbers were slightly elevated, but what could I expect? May was filled with celebratory eating. I have six months to see what a return to sane eating will accomplish.

Too bad that the return trip to good habits is so much more difficult than the downhill trip into indulgence. 


  1. What a great surprise!!!! Perhaps your other numbers will come down as things settle down a bit, I hope so.

  2. Just think how great you would have fared with out May's indulgence. Well done.
    Two peanuts huh??

  3. fantastic news... no weight gain even with all the fun eating you did..

  4. You are so right, it's hard to be good when there's always so much tempting food in our presence :) I keep trying though.