Saturday, June 15, 2013

On the road to celebrate life, another birthday

Birthday girl Stella

Last month’s travel to celebrate family events continued May 9 with a trip to Virginia. Along the way that afternoon we stopped in Marietta, Georgia, for a visit of a couple hours with our oldest son and his family. Our visit included an impromptu celebration of family May Milestone #3.

When we don’t make it to the “official” birthday celebrations of our grandchildren in Georgia and Louisiana, we celebrate birthdays the first time we see them after their birthdays. Husband Walter,  AKA Baboo, came up with a solution for our oldest grand that his siblings now want for their birthdays, too.

We had missed Stella’s 5th birthday by a couple of days, and soon after we arrived for our visit, Stella and her sister Charlie accompanied Baboo on the traditional trip to Walmart. The birthday girl picked out her choice of a birthday cake and ice cream.

When the birthday shoppers returned, the “quickie” celebration began. Mom added candles to Stella’s choice, a pizza-sized chocolate chip cookie embellished with elaborate and colorful icing.

Voices joined in the “Happy Birthday” song. Stella blew out her candles. Mom cut the birthday cookie and served it on festive paper plates. Baboo added Stella’s choice of mint chocolate chip ice cream. We had a card and gift waiting.

We hit the road again shortly after the festivities wound down. We probably ruined appetites for dinner. But hey, that is the prerogative of grandparents.

We left behind happy kids, and we took with us happy memories that sustained us through stop-and-go Atlanta getting-off-from-work traffic and the travel hours to our next stop. 
 Mischief in the making


  1. that mischef in the making shot is incredible... really a great shot of her.

  2. Gosh she is growing up!!!! Sounds like such a fun Wal-Mart trip that I wanted to go with him, too!

  3. Gee, I have a granddaughter who looks a lot like yours. :)

    Happy, magical, fiftieth anniversary.

  4. Whooops, not your anniversary. Well, LOL, you know my heart is in the right place. You look great in that photo too.

  5. Such a pretty little girl, and lucky her celebrating her birthday again with grandparents. Dianne