Thursday, May 25, 2023

Blessed Assurance

When I was a young mother, a visiting preacher had challenged the congregation at our church to read the Bible through in a year. I accepted that challenge. 

At that time my husband left for work before 6 a.m. He would wake me up before he left.

I would ooze out of bed and fumble around getting dressed for work before our two active sons woke up. 

Once dressed I was ready for my time with God's Word. It took about a year before I could easily make it through the scripture passages for the day. 

I would be reading and then realize I was dozing off, seeing the words but not absorbing their meaning. I would go back and read the passage again.

I am thankful that I stay awake now. But it may just be as a retiree, I am getting more sleep and stay awake for those morning times with God's written word and the living word Jesus.




The feeling of "I'm finished! I posted!" 

It lulls me into thinking I have overcome that irritating flaw in my character--procrastination.

I go on deluding myself that I will succeed in posting regularly. But I will try, try, and try again. 

That also goes for catching up on all you bloggers who post often and so wonderfully.

I admire you all but fail to emulate your dedication.

 Heavy sigh!


Saturday, May 6, 2023

Cottage in the Woods

My spouse and I are enjoying the seventh year in our "new" home. In those first days my husband maintained that our home's north side looked more like the front of a house that would face the street.

Our north porch

can see his point. But the street side of our property has a carport and the ramp up to our entry door, all under roof and with railings that help me navigate safely.

In contrast the north porch faces our "woods," creating privacy that offers space for unobtrusive storage. On the left east side is an antique cedar wardrobe that in former years held my stash of Bible lessons and craft supplies for my second grade Sunday school class. 

Several years later I graduated to working with fifth and sixth graders and then Vacation Bible School and after-school programs. Nothing got tossed and every space in the wardrobe was packed.  

Before we moved, a sister-in-law helped me empty the wardrobe and send the educational materials to good homes. 

Hubby inherited the wardrobe. He has filled it with tools and other home maintenance essentials. He also added a large oblong storage chest on the west side of the north porch.

We continue to enjoy our cozy home nestled among live oaks and maples. Azaleas have creeped over from the vacant property next door. We enjoy their gorgeous blooms every spring. 

They have finished their display for this spring but now the jasmine we planted is in full bloom over the pergola at the end of the ramp that goes up to our entry door. We are savoring the beauty and the fragrant scents of the jasmine blossoms.

To the south is a blueberry bush that Hubby transplanted from our former property. It's loaded with blueberries this year.They have yet to ripen. Soon the birds and other wildlife will once again be targeting those tasty treats as the berries turn to red then deep blue.

I won't complain, though. It's the price to pay for living in the woods with birds, raccoons, box turtles and the occasional rabbit and possum for neighbors. 

It's better than television!