Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Breakfast on a bench

In the few months after we had moved into our new downsized home, I had already found one of my favorite spots--the window seat in a bump-out at the north side of our house. 
A favorite perch
Hubby sneaked around and captured me enjoying a casual breakfast of a toasted bagel and hot tea one November morning. 

I had already surrounded myself with my toys: laptop computer, binoculars for watching birds at the feeders, my birding field guide and a plush cartoon-character throw one of our grandsons had outgrown.

That was in 2016. I haven’t outgrown the throw, my toys or the hot tea. With a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, though, I no longer have that casual bagel breakfast. 
Cool November morn; hot, hot tea

And both Hubby and I are still enjoying those window seats, now my principal blogging location. 

The allure is good back support, room to elevate my legs comfortably, that handy window sill on which to park my mug of hot tea, and the restful view of the natural world when I give my eyes a break from the computer screen.  


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Input Requested

Since my Type 2 diabetes diagnosis a couple of years ago, I have attempted to control blood sugar levels with diet, exercise and no medication. 

If you are doing the same, I would appreciate any word on how you are doing and strategies you have developed.  

Here's the background:

For me, walking two miles or more daily usually translates to lower blood sugar readings the next day, but not always. 

With the help of Hubby, my cooperative chef and chief cheerleader, we are both mostly strict with diet. I count carbs. He counts calories. 

Consistent exercise and counting is not enough, however, to get a handle more specifically on what contributes to those less than stellar readings that occur too often. 

My former primary care physician kept a schedule of every six months doing that A1C test. She was okay with my diet and exercise regimen. Then she relocated. 

The new doc is emphatic that even with diet and exercise, I will have to go on medication eventually, anyway. I understand that. 

But she doesn’t want me to take my blood sugar daily because she doesn’t want me to “freak out.” Well that definitely freaked me out. 

I guess I do sound obsessive about the subject. No, make that I AM obsessive.

The routine of Hubby poking my finger and doing that simple blood sugar check every day and at different times of day has been revealing and helpful.

I see nothing wrong with trying to determine what more specifically I can tweak in exercise, eating and timing. Hopefully what I learn will help me pamper the remaining insulin-producing beta cells in my pancreas and keep them functioning a little longer. 

One of my challenges is finding an easy method for keeping a daily record of what specific foods and liquids I consume and when. We are out and about a lot.

I have tried carrying a small notepad; but whether at home or not, recording specifically when and what I eat seems to be an insurmountable task for me. 

I already carry my iPhone everywhere, and I have seen counting-carbs apps for iPhone advertised. It all looks intimidating, though, for this non-techie procrastinator. 

I am still exploring options. Experiences that have helped others, and word of any apps or strategies that worked or didn’t work will be appreciated.

Ideas anyone?


Monday, September 9, 2019

Caution: Grandkid Post Ahead

Hubby and I are making plans for travel when the weather gets a bit cooler. 

Ironing out the specifics of our travel plans lately seems to revolve around the schedules of doctors, kids and grandkids.

Medical procedures and doctors’ appointments are a necessary fact of physical health at this stage of life. But the kid and grandkid element is a delightful addiction that boosts our mental and emotional health.

That said, cooler weather travel must include our annual trek to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for Grandparents Day at our Louisiana grands’ school.

Last year the visit to Walker’s classroom was typical. We met his teacher and classroom aide. We joined him in the word puzzles and other activities the teacher had planned for each student to complete with grandparents. 

Walker did a great job of involving both sets of grandparents in his activities. 
Nana, Baboo and Walker
We caught up with Granddaughter Molly Kate in the chapel where performances were planned featuring each of the upper grades plus the school band and choir. Among the fourth-grade numbers were Molly Kate and four other students in a Vegas-styled rendition of the Beatles’ “Love.” 

Our granddaughter on far right
The girls were “backup” singers and dancers to a male classmate’s solo. He nailed what I imagined a Vegas crooner would look like, prancing down the aisle to the stage in a flashy sport coat with the “backup babes” dancing in his wake.

MK doing what she loves
Their singing and dancing plus the performances of other student groups didn’t disappoint.

We definitely weren’t the only happy grandparents that day. It was an enthusiastic, standing-room-only crowd. 

We closed that celebration with another tradition, the grands' choice for lunch at Chick-fil-A.