Sunday, January 26, 2020

Dr. Google


Hubby was clearing a spot on our wooded property when he heard a distinct pop accompanied by pain in his right arm. 

He came inside and I found him seated, looking so shaky and stressed that it scared me. His explanation about what had happened assured me his condition wasn’t life-threatening.

He chose not to go for local medical attention. Instead he opened his laptop and consulted “Dr. Google.” His search confirmed what he suspected. A tendon had “popped” loose. The site he consulted noted six to eight weeks healing time.

He’s almost finished his fourth week and avoids movements that cause pain. I guess a computer search is better than nothing, but I agree with a physician’s online article outlining how to be sure your online sources for medical information are reliable.

Reliable or not, Dr. Google is busy. When I searched “Dr. Google” the results numbered about 7,430,000,000.

Usually I go to .gov or .edu sites or well-known sources such as Mayo Clinic. But that article made me aware that I need to pay a bit more attention to the reliability of online sources of information before making even minor decisions about health.

Among my most helpful sources, though, are fellow bloggers’ accounts of their experiences.


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Hot Tea Month

Hubby and I entered our favorite coffee shop and moved to greet some of our fellow "regulars." 

Then he helped me settle in at a table. This visit was a to be a computer day. 

The agenda for him was coffee and reacquainting himself with his laptop fresh from the local Broken Gadget repair shop. My agenda was chamomile tea and blogging. We both opened our computers.

"January is Hot Tea Month in the United States and Canada," he announced, staring at the notification on his computer screen. He is well aware of my I enjoyment of hot-tea. 

A bit of internet searching revealed Hot Tea Day, January 12. I mostly drink chamomile hot tea now, but I am still a fan of the "real," caffeinated variety that the Hot Tea Month is celebrating. 

I have yet to satisfy my curiosity about what tea trade association or tea company developed and launched the January hot tea marketing campaign. 

Internet searching turned up a bunch of tea industry organizations and articles with tips on how to celebrate hot tea month. But I was unsuccessful in identifying who exactly was behind the campaign.

Some national day and month observances are humorous; some historical, some noteworthy; some obviously a commercial gambit. 

Even some of those that are aimed at opening my wallet are interesting. But I am mostly oblivious to the ever-proliferating national day and month observances. 

When someone pointed out National S'Mores Day though, it did make me crave the gooey goodness of a s'more consumed beside a campfire. 

Any national day or week observances light your fire?


Friday, January 10, 2020

Where Are My Readers?

A Sticky Problem Solver

Nobody told me I would still be making adjustments two years after my 2017 cataract surgery.  

Nothing big, just irritating. I had worn glasses since the fifth grade. My nearsightedness worsened through the years, but at age 70 I could still see close up. Of course I had to take my glasses off to read or see anything else close up.

 That all changed with cataract surgery. 

Now I have to have readers of one strength for reading and a different strength for my laptop computer.

And therein lies the aggravation. I have several pair for reading, two for the purses I use most often and one for the fanny pack I often wear at home. That had been working okay.

But when I would take a break from the laptop, I was automatically carrying that pair of glasses with me and setting them down someplace where I would be sure to find them. Ha! I don't think such a place exists in our home.

Whether a few minutes, hours or days later that I next used the laptop, I had to search with mounting frustration. And, of course, if we packed up the computers for use anywhere beyond our own home, I would forget to take those glasses. 

Finally an idea surfaced: use Velcro to attach an eyeglass case to the computer. And it would have to be easy to use with one hand. Walmart supplied the case. Hubby wrangled the Velcro into place. I did the test drive. 

Now my laptop eyeglasses are automatically right where I can grab them before I even open my laptop.

Frustration banished!