Saturday, November 4, 2023


Challenges certainly exist in this stage of life, but blessings abound. 

One of my major blessings is Hubby. He is caregiver, resident comedian, chef, and planner of adventures in local, out-of-state, and foreign destinations. 

Another of God's blessings is that I am coherent and can recognize blessings and be joyful in them.

May blessings abound in your day today.



Thursday, May 25, 2023

Blessed Assurance

When I was a young mother, a visiting preacher had challenged the congregation at our church to read the Bible through in a year. I accepted that challenge. 

At that time my husband left for work before 6 a.m. He would wake me up before he left.

I would ooze out of bed and fumble around getting dressed for work before our two active sons woke up. 

Once dressed I was ready for my time with God's Word. It took about a year before I could easily make it through the scripture passages for the day without having to backtrack until I could be fully awake and read with understanding.

Passages began to speak to me of a challenge that I was currently facing in a demanding work day or volunteer time. At first I would grab whatever was handy to write the verse down. I would stick in purse or pocket. 

That habit ushered in a major change in clothing purchases. Whether slacks or skirts, pockets were a requirement. When stress would strike, I could just whip my day's scripture out of my pocket and read my verse of the day.

As a retiree, I enjoy a slower pace and stay awake now . . .most of the time.  But it may just be that as a retiree, I am getting more sleep and are alert for those morning times with God's written word and the living Word Jesus.




The feeling of "I'm finished! I posted!" 

It lulls me into thinking I have overcome that irritating flaw in my character--procrastination.

I go on deluding myself that I will succeed in posting regularly. But I will try, try, and try again. 

That also goes for catching up on all you bloggers who post often and so wonderfully.

I admire you all but fail to emulate your dedication.

 Heavy sigh!