Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy prep

I started this post on my new iPad mini. We bought it as an alternative to my much heavier MacBook Pro laptop which has developed a mind of its own, definitely a disturbed mind at that.

My learning to use my new techie toy has been slow going. And my attempt to post may not bear fruit. Evidently I need to get an app to be able to import photos to my blog post. I am trying to post text anyway. Here goes sans photo!

Ann and Linda on the bridge
Less than a month is left for me to build up stamina for travel that Hubby and I have planned for May.

Earlier this week my walking buddy Ann and I made it to the Biloxi Bay bridge for the first time in what seems like forever. My issues with toes and Bioness foot-drop system are, I hope, on the way to being resolved.

I only made it to the .3-mile marker and back, but being outside and moving was worth the sweat and fatigue. And immersion in the sunshine, breeze, beautiful scenery and nonstop conversation with a dear friend was a dose of pure joy.

I thank God for the blessings of  his creation and the giving spirit of Ann, one of his dear daughters.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Dirt under my nails

Today I came inside from an early morning outing a total mess: dirt under my fingernails, dirt decorating my pants and smudged on assorted patches of skin where I had swatted at hungry mosquitoes.

But there were also two tomato plants in the ground, a bit of weeding accomplished and one ecstatic dirty woman. That was my first “grubbing-in-the-dirt” session in months.

I had let the combination of admittedly minor complaints keep me out of the garden and off my feet. I am a weenie when it comes to pain.

Both Hubby and I wanted me healed up for travel planned for May.  

Home treatment has not worked. It hasn’t helped the skin issues that prohibit wearing the electrical stimulation device that helps me walk. Neither have at home efforts helped ingrown toenail recurrences.

Some cutting by a dermatologist and both cutting and chemical treatment by a podiatrist have been more successful.

I am getting back on track. The toe is healing. The skin has healed. And I am building up my wearing time with the estim. I’m walking out with more confidence and more balance, both physical and mental.

Movement, garden, sunshine, gentle breeze, physicians, the patience of friends and family--blessings all.

Thank you, God.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Memories through my window

Space Needle

Front and center from our third-floor room in our motel was the Space Needle, an enduring landmark among  the tourist attractions at Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

During more than 3 decades of summer vacations to the Smoky Mountains we had made the elevator ride to the Needle’s topmost observation deck only once. We mostly avoided Gatlinburg crowds and the summer heat except trips for groceries or gas for our van. 

instead we camped with our two boys in the national park where the campgrounds’ higher elevations and breezes off cold mountain streams kept us cool. 

Plus, kids and adults alike found plenty of entertainment in tubing and splashing in the streams, hiking nearby trails, joining park rangers for campfire programs and walks or just sitting around our campfire with hot drinks and conversation.

But for one evening of each trip, we would load up the boys and take them to Gatlinburg. Sons and dad would rocket down a mountainside multiple times on the alpine slide, a gravity-powered ride at the Ober Gatlinburg amusement complex.

 Next on the agenda would be strolling the main street, checking out new shops and sampling the chocolate, taffy, candied apples, hot pretzels and other goodies.The boys also tested their skills in the block-wide arcade at the base of the space needle.

Now the children who populated those memories are grown and their children are making new Gatlinburg memories.

How sweet it is!