Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Keep Going

As Hubby and I have aged our motto has become "Go as far as we can for as long as we can." 

Walking our community's beach walk or our neighboring city's fishing pier is one way Hubby and I keep moving amid the shutdown and stay-at-home recommendations.

Weather challenges our "going" plans.

As we drove across the bridge on our way to the fising pier, dark clouds had me questioning whether we should return home.  

Hubby reminded me, "Let's go as far as we can for as long as we can." 

So we did. 

The dark clouds stayed on the other side of the bridge we had just traveled. 

We enjoyed the sea breeze, sunshine, our walk and the view.

May you keep going and experience joyful moments.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Garden Oops!

Accidental leaf lettuce

Hubby says I like to grub in the dirt. He is right.

I enjoy puttering around with vegetable gardening. 

Although the first year in our new home was busy with settling in and traveling, I did manage to start a compost pile.

Our home in the woods has few sunny spots. It is also on sloping terrain that is not friendly for navigating with my rollator. 

But going on our fourth year in residence, and with the days of cool weather slipping away, I was determined to get at least some leaf lettuce seeds planted. 

No space prepared? No problem. Just drop a few seeds in the compost pile. 

I was sure I could do that with my rollator within reach if I needed help maintaining balance.

I found a packet of leaf lettuce seeds at Walmart.
Back home I cut the top off the seed packet. With my rollator locked and within reach, I bent over to sprinkle a few seeds in the shallow furrow I had made. 

A gentle shake and Arghhhhh! 

All the seeds dumped out, every one of them. They were so black I couldn't differenciate seeds from compost. I scratched around a bit hoping to spread them out.

I missed.

Even after my awkward mishap the lettuce finally appeared--a 3x6-inch patch of bright green leaves. Although those leaves did grow bigger, they still fell short of providing the quantity we consume in salads.

But their contribution was beyond nutritional. I had actually planted and harvested something. And even better was  laughter that erupted every time I glanced toward the little clump that was my "garden." 

I will soon be ordering Red Sails lettuce seeds. No more mystery seeds!

September or October at the latest I hope to be planting lettuce again. And Hubby has been busy preparing a larger space for veggies. 

I hope "grubbing in the dirt," even as I face challenges, will continue to be part of my life!


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mall Walking

Sculpture created out of wood salvaged from hurricane debris

Edgewater Mall in our region has reportedly reopened. Prior to COVID-19, Edgewater Mall was a great venue for Hubby and me to walk indoors for exercise. Whether weather was hot and humid or frigid, the mall was always a good temperature.

Our mall walking will probably get back on our agenda when soaring temperatures and blood-sucking insects make walking outside a challenge. 

Then we will enjoy the mall's mild temperatures and comfortable seating areas that offer rest stops when my energy runs out before we make the full circuit.

There is also the entertainment of people-watching and art and photo displays that feature people, places and businesses that are part of our coastal Mississippi history.

The stallion in the photo above was created with wood salvaged from mountains of debris left behind by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Katrina's winds and giant storm surge ripped structures apart and pushed the debris far from the original locations.

In earlier decades, a Friday jaunt to the mall was a treat for our family. These days we walk and occasionally shop at the mall. But most of our shopping now is online or at Walmart. 

I wonder if our mall will survive. There are already empty spaces, and the days are gone of shoppers young and old thronging the stores.

The only other indoor mall on the coast closed a number of years ago. One store remains in operation. That company was not a mall tenant. It owned its site. The rest of the mall structure was demolished. 

Were there ever any indoor malls in your area? If there is one still in operation, do you shop there?