Friday, October 2, 2015

Coffee shop therapist


Among the blessings that have accompanied my 2011 hemorrhagic stroke are the many individuals who have showered me with prayers, assistance, encouragement, therapeutic exercise, conversation and laughter.

Anna is one of those blessings. She is day manager at Coffee Fusion, a regular stop several times a week for Husband Walter and me.

Her welcoming approach includes both newcomers and regulars. Along with other aging regulars, Hubby and I enjoy her gracious service infused with a mix of good-natured teasing and an awareness of and concern for our individual challenges.

Hats off to Anna!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Smoky Mountain addiction

Our Georgia clan joins Baboo and Nana in “official” record of a September 2014 Smokies visit. (Photo by Husband Walter)

This time last year Husband Walter and I were enjoying adventures and refreshingly cool temperatures with our oldest son and his family, camping in the Elkmont Canpground in the Smoky Mountains National Park.

Those memories of our grandchildren experiencing the Smokies heightened my anticipation of the July 2015 gathering of 17 members of the Skupien tribe, once again in Elkmont Campground.

A few Skupiens sharing family fun during our July 2015 gathering in the Smokies. (Photo by Husband Walter)

What a blessing it was to me for cousins to discover outdoor fun together and become better acquainted with two generations of uncles and aunts.

Good memories, anticipation, and fun with family in that restorative mountain environment all create a heady mix that feeds my Smoky Mountain addiction.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Karate master

Walker at work (Photo collage by Action Hero Graphics)

Our youngest grandchild, five-year-old Walker, is an enthusiastic student of martial arts. When we visit, he likes to demonstrate his karate moves, often to music his sister Molly Kate ramps up for dancing.

Some of Walker’s movements are more the result of his interest in popular super heroes than his afterschool instruction.

The photo collage above, borrowed from his dad’s Facebook post, captures Walker engaged in some of  the “official” martial arts skills he has learned.

Yes, I am a proud grandma!

Thank you to Kathy, Barb, Sandra and Friko for the welcome back to blogland.