Thursday, April 18, 2024

Body Challenges

Madsnapper's recent post about challenges finding clothing to go well with her body shape opened the digital door for me to share. 

My body shape blues came from being skinny, but having a broad back and almost non-existent boobs.

As a young adult when my soon-to-be sister-in-law was visiting, we were sharing a bedroom. One morning while we were getting dressed, Mother knocked on the door. We opened the door. Mother stood in the doorway with a strange look on her face.  

"Well! I know what to get y'all for birthdays!" It was February and we both had February birthdays. "You both need new bras. "Those need to go into the trash. We are going to the store."

She hustled us off to one of her favorite department stores where they had a saleslady Mother knew and trusted. She took my soon-to-be Sis-in-law's measurements, no problem. Soon she was fitted to everyone's satisfaction. 

When it was my turn the saleslady started to measure me the same way she had measured my SIL-to-be, around the chest, then below the bust. 

I stopped her.

"That's not going to work for me, I told her." 

"It always works, I promise." 

I should have insisted that she back that promise with some moola. But the whole business was so embarrassing I didn't think of that at the time. 

She measured. She measured again. "I've never had that happen." She finally admitted I was right. By that time Mother and her two birthday girls were laughing until we teared up. But we both left the store happy with our birthday presents and memories. 


Monday, February 26, 2024


Hubby is helping me to celebrate birthday number 77 today!

Several days ago we had discussed that approaching milestone. He was ready to celebrate however I wanted to. 

Physical challenges that we both now face had me choosing a jaunt to our favorite coffee shop just a few blocks from home.

What I didn't expect was that he enlisted three of the baristas to serenade me as they delivered a delicious square of a chocolate brownie topped with a tiny lit birthday candle.

Yummy and just right for both of us to have a taste but still not go overboard on sugar content. 

Drat! I should have taken a photo with my iPhone!


Thursday, February 15, 2024

A January Freeze


Usually our south Mississippi winters are mild. We have to open windows and let cool breezes make it possible for us to enjoy our woodturning stove. 

 January 17, however, offered a weather surprise. I was cozy in front of the wood stove when Hubby hauled in a two-inch thick circle of ice. 

 One of our 55-gallon  barrels that collect rain water had frozen over. That was a fun morning.