Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cousins create a happy day

From left, cousins Carolyn and Judy, me and Husband Walter

My cousins Carolyn and Judy made a day trip to the coast for a visit earlier this month. These ladies were such a big part of my life when we were children.

I was an only child for my first 13 years prior to the arrival of my brother. During those only-child years, the two sisters gave me glimpses of how close and special the bond between sisters can be.

Along with their parents, our grandmother and eventually a third sister, Judy and Carolyn lived on the family farm where their father and mine grew up. My parents and I visited after church most Sundays. Weekday visits were not unusual either.

They lived in the country. My family lived in town, and every visit to their home was likely to include an adventure, especially in the summertime. Judy and I were born a month apart, but I was always in awe of all the things she and Carolyn could do.

In their company a walk down the dirt road in front of their house was an exciting expedition of discovery. They created outdoor and indoor fun out of whatever was around them and in their heads. They were knowledgeable and confident about sewing, cooking and the chores, tools and animals of farming and country living.

In our adult years I have also recognized their mother’s graciousness and big heart in the way they care for others. My late mother and I have been among those blessed by their giving spirit.

Our visit and lunch were filled with catching up, reminiscing and laughter. Time spent with these remarkable cousins was a joy. 


  1. i have 2 first cousins in Savannah, been about 6 years since i saw them, we were like sisters when we were growing up...

  2. Cousins are so important. Some of my happiest childhood memories include visits with cousins. You all look so happy together. Dianne

  3. What a heart warming story of families staying in touch. So glad you all had the chance to get together and just gab!!! I have a saying that I found that you may enjoy!! "Grandma's house is where cousins become friends!"

  4. This is a wonderful picture! I used to have a special cousin, and really appreciated her because I had no sisters. Hello, Walter!!

  5. I have a few precious cousin memories, too. Your post brought them all back to me!
    In fact, one of my favorite cousins is the one who introduced me to Ed--and the memory of that blind double date with her and Ed's friend is among my favorite memories. Fun times!

  6. I forgot to tell you that I've gone back, caught up with your posts, and I've left comments for you.

    Have a great week!