Friday, February 14, 2020

My Guys with Beards

Hubby and our sons Walt, left, and Jeremy

Beards are apparently a family affair for us these days. Hubby’s facial hair dates back to an extended van adventure in 1977.

Our only son at the time was 5-year-old Walt, and now he also sports a beard. His adopting the style was out of necessity during recovery after extensive carpal-tunnel surgery late last year. 

I am interested to see whether the facial hair will be long-term or not.

Jeremy, eight years younger than his brother, has cultivated facial hair for a while now. I think he looks rather dashing.

My mother was a fan of clean-shaven faces. I have no problem with most beards. I like their beards, but I love those guys with or without hair on face . . . or head! 


Thursday, February 6, 2020

Popular Path

A memory recorded in sand

Even though rain and cold have kept Hubby and me off our town’s paved beach walk lately, my iPhone photo of September 22, 2019, supplies a happy memory.

Hope your February will be filled with blue skies and precious moments!