Thursday, April 30, 2020

Keeping Sane--Or Not #1

A couple of snapshots taken during recent escapes from our house for a sanity-promoting drive:

Handicap humor--I have seen this vehicle a number of times. I'm not am not acquainted with the driver, but  kudos to him or her.

Fog enshrouded shrimp boats and pleasure craft, but no alligators in sight

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sign of the Times

Evidence of the disappearing printed page.

On a 20-day October 2019 trip, I was momentarily transfixed when visiting a Walmart's book section. No books; just clothes and other items. Sigh.

After  my 2011 stroke a friend introduced me to Kindle. The challenge of holding a book, keeping my place and turning pages with one operable hand was no more. 

I was sold. Ever since then my reading has been mostly on digital devices. Yesterday evening, though, I decided to reread one of my "real" books that somehow survived my downsizing for the move to a smaller home. 

About 20 pages into a novel I had enjoyed pre-stroke, I was totally engrossed. I finally realized, though, that I was repeatedly attempting to turn the page by swiping! 

I momentarily mourned the change in my reading habits. But as usual when I am reading a good book and get interrupted, the story pulled me back into the fictional world a gifted author had created. 

Life is good!


Wednesday, April 22, 2020


I tried to schedule a post for May 5 because I will not be able to post that day. Instead it went up on my blog today! Have no idea what I did wrong. Grrr! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Smoky Mountain Selfie

Early in an October 2019 trip I alerted Hubby that when he takes selfies, his concentration is so intense that he frowns in nearly every picture.

"Please smile," I urged. His response was a series of exaggerated facial contortions. Camera-shaking laughter erupted from both of us. There were no award-winning selfies for our traditional sign photo and thankfully no frowns, either. 

Fun in the mountains


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Walking Bonus

Confederate jasmine

Walking with my rollator is my favorite form of exercise and springtime offers a bonus. The fragrant scent of Confederate jasmine in bloom greets me at the end of my descent from our home's entry door to the end of our concrete ramp. 

My happy view at the end of our walkway.
The vines of glossy green leaves and pinwheels of white blossoms twine over the pergola. They tickle my senses of sight and smell as I navigate turning around and heading back up the ramp.

I am thankful for a contractor who was all in for collaborating with Hubby and me on ways to make our home a source of accessibility and joy for me with my challenges and for both of us to age with a bit of grace. We are especially appreciative in this season of disruption of our regularly scheduled activities away from home.

Even with a few bouts of frustration, so far so good!


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Taking Action in Trying Times

Sister-in-law Lila with masks in progress (Photo by Hubby)

As the coronavirus swept into the news and the USA , sister-in-law Lila started creating masks for a local group of physical therapists who encountered difficulties finding the needed masks.

The head of the group associated with a local hospital contacted Lila, well-known for her sewing and tailoring business. So far she has turned out more than 50 masks for them that are remarkable in comfort and for allowing users to insert more filtration as they deem needed.

She has used material she already had on hand and declined payment the hospital offered. She said using her skills and materials was her way of contributing during this challenging time.

She is already filling other orders, including one for six masks from our eldest son. Typical of Lila, she often personalizes her stitchery creations. 

Our son and daughter-in-law are Mississippi State University alums. The Mississippi State mask, right behind the pink with yellow polka dots, is part of his order. She showed me the pink lining on the Mississippi State mask she made for our DIL Sarah. "I'm making one for Walt with a blue lining. "I didn't think he would appreciate a pink lining," she said with a laugh.

It seems our every acquaintance with sewing experience is making masks, some for family, some for our church's efforts to help our town's homeless.

What a wonderful way to put feet to prayers and lift the givers, the receivers and observers like me above the dismay into joy.  


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Not Col. Reb

No, I am not Col. Reb. Absolutely not. 

Half an hour or so ago I accessed my Blogger account using a new computer for the first time. No problem. 

None of my usual moaning, groaning, whining and struggling not to kick, scream and throw a tantrum when faced with new-to-me techie stuff. 

Now, just a few minutes ago I finished scheduling a new post. Again, no problem. No problem creating, editing or scheduling. 

Then I went to my reading list to catch up on blogs I follow. I commented on a friend's post. I was no longer LC but Col. Reb, Hubby's profile ID on a blog he started but that is currently inactive.

He has been using the new computer since his died and was officially pronounced dead and not worth resuscitating (i.e. not worth the cost).

Not sure how Col. Reb attacked and overcame my ID. hubby has no idea either.




Definitely not our usual Easter.

Our pastor's online Easter message invited us to hold on to the reality of joy through faith in our Savior's death and resurrection. 

It is a time to rejoice in the forgiveness He has made available and the assurance of an eternity with him, no matter how challenging the times or our physical condition in this world.

The service was wonderful, but definitely different. Late finishing a delightful Easter breakfast that Hubby prepared, I watched the online service with Hubby . . . in my pajamas and with bed-head hair!

No gathering with sons and their families, just texted greetings and thankfulness they are healthy and coping.

Blessings on this Easter Day to you and yours!