Monday, June 24, 2013

A visit to Baboo and Nana’s garden

Tomato pickers Molly Kate and Nana

During their recent visit to our home, Granddaughter Molly Kate, our son Jeremy and I braved the high heat index for a quick tour of Baboo and Nana’s vegetable garden.

Well, we call it “garden.” It consists of four cherry tomato plants, several cucumber vines, a few pole beans and okra plants, all in our mostly shady backyard.
Molly Kate picks tomatoes for the first time.

Daddy and daughter team up to pick Mountain Magic tomatoes.

Parents Katie and Jeremy are not into gardening, whether the edible or landscaping variety. Molly Kate was up for the experience, though.
Picking Mexico Midgets

She wasn’t fazed by how tiny our tomatoes are. All four are the cherry variety or smaller. But they do produce abundantly. 

They supply enough for us and for involuntary sharing with the birds as well as intentional sharing with a neighbor who likes their size and flavor. Not even one of the four varieties is near slicing size, though, a result of my inept online ordering.

 Molly Kate checks her harvest.

Proud of her tomato-picking results

Back in the air conditioning, our young gardener showed her harvest to her mom Katie. Katie took all the photos above with her iPhone.


  1. cutest little tomato picker I have seen... the little tomatoes look good to me, i love them and would pop them like grapes... and it IS a garden. i love okra but NOT picking it

  2. Molly Kate is cuter than EVER!!! And I am ALL for letting kids pick food and showing them where it comes from!

  3. Molly Kate is a little doll. Those small tomatoes are great for popping in your mouth while you pick them. I hope Molly Kate ate some. Dianne

  4. Molly Kate is sure cute with her pigtails and glasses. I planted tomatoes at the Denver house for the first time (cannot grow them at altitude). We keep checking and the Early Girl has 7 green tomatoes. We're excited! I also planted 2 Heirloom varieties which are growing tall but no tomatoes at present.

  5. What a precious experience for everyone! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

  6. Nice harvest! Glad your granddaughter enjoyed herself.

  7. This post reminded me of grandson, Caden helping pick tomatoes in our garden the other day. He rather enjoyed himself :) He's going to be our "future farmer".