Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stroke recovery: Why, oh, why? A doctor's-appointment lament

I have an appointment with my primary care physician tomorrow morning. The appointment has been on the books for almost six months. When I last departed her office with the little card that had the next appointment’s time and date on it, I was pretty confident. Almost six months to accomplish the five-pound weight-loss my young (young compared to me, at least), slim, female internist had recommended.

It also allowed plenty of time, theoretically, to tweak our menus a bit to be sure my blood sugar was reasonable.

During the months I had envisioned myself conscientiously shedding pounds, my energies were instead devoted to figuring out how many family events scheduled for May that Husband Walter and I would be able to participate in, from Virginia to Louisiana.

The timing, distance and the realities of stroke survivor travel necessarily eliminated some events from our itinerary. But we made two in Louisiana, one in Virginia, and two in Georgia, all in May. And in our family, celebrations mean food . . . good food . . . tempting food.

I was tempted. I succumbed. I ate my way through May and sigh, have started on June. Unless a miracle occurs tonight as I sleep, I will not only have failed to drop that pesky five pounds, I will likely weigh-in a few pounds over my last doctor’s visit. Well, I hope it will be just a few.

Do the scales at your doctors’ offices register higher weights than yours at home? No matter how we tinker with ours, weight at the doctor’s is always more.

But I am going to choose to think positively—that the good memories from our May travel will outlast, and outweigh, my added pounds!


  1. Uh O, I know the feeling. Dread, oh well there's the next time to try harder!!!

  2. After what you have been through and fought against, five pounds are nothing. And I somehow think he won't be mad! I myself am glad you have a good appetite.

  3. My scale numbers just kept going up and up LC...so I felt like I really needed to do something. Then, this Summer Detox Plan was introduced to me, and I have lost 7.2 pounds in 7 days! I feel healthier already! And the diet isn't hard...just good healthy food on the plan. Maybe you would like to read about it here LC. The health coach, Denise Stamm is a friend of mine. She has been a big help to encourage me and to provide me with all of the information. I will give you the link just in case you might be interested. Love,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


  4. I think I weigh more at the doctor's office because I often eat before I go.

    Loved Walter's quip about the apple charger, too.

    And the smallest tomatoes I have seen are called grape tomatoes.

  5. but you did have fun.. good luck. hope it is not to shocking on those scales. our scale is 4 pounds less than the docs and 2 pounds less than the one at the YMCA...wear thin clothes. LOL

  6. I weigh in the mornings buck naked so I ALWAYS weigh more at the doctor's office with shoes and clothes. It is usually a shock.
    Surely the wonderful times you have had affect your sense of well being and that is an important part of good health.
    Good luck.

  7. As Sandra says, wear light clothing. They always weigh with my shoes on and it seems my shoes gain extra pounds all the time...(:0)

    Hope you can get things under control. it is so hard, especially when visiting all that yummy food everywhere.

  8. I have been working the Weight Watchers program, and although I went up in my birthday month, I am back on track now. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Those little tomatoes you grow are best.

    Good luck at the doctor's.

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