Thursday, June 13, 2013

On the road to celebrate life: A birthday

May was all about celebrating life milestones with loved ones for Husband Walter and me.

Saturday May 4 we traveled to Louisiana and celebrated two milestones.  Grandson Walker’s three-year birthday party was Milestone #1.
Birthday boy, Grandson Walker

Daughter-in-law Katie turned the family home into a Disney “Cars” mini-theme park with a Lightening McQueen birthday cake and another cake with more of the Disney Cars characters, Disney “Cars” decorations and a huge bouncy with slide.
A happy fan of the Disney “Cars” characters.

My brother Mike and my sister-in-law Sonya had flown in from Virginia and spent the night with our son Jeremy, Katie and kids. The fact that our Louisiana grands were having a chance to become acquainted with my brother and sister-in-law was an extra happy for me, piled on top of the opportunity to participate in the birthday celebration for our youngest grandchild.

Walker spends time getting acquainted with his Great Uncle Mike before the party.

Walker and big sister Molly Kate started partying that morning as soon as their parents let them out the back door to play in the bouncy. Note the bare feet in the photo below that my brother Mike snapped. No shoes is the rule for any youngsters playing in the big blowups that are so popular for kids’ bouncing, tumbling, climbing and sliding at parties.

Siblings pause to sanple kid-friendly party food before guests arrive.

At lunch time, with all the busy, excited little bodies careening around outside, most of Walker’s greats and grands congregated at the dining table for the barbeque lunch that Jeremy and Katie hosted for the adults, although a number of us also sampled the tasty “kid” food on the patio while watching little ones celebrating.

At the “grandparents” table from left, Walker’s Great Uncle Mike and Great Aunt Sonya, grandparents Nana and Baboo, Great-Grandmother Angie, AKA “Great Nana,” and Great-Grandmother Jan, AKA “Grandma.”

Thank you, Katie, Jeremy and Mike for these photos.


  1. What a great celebration you all had! I love the multi-generational get together that you all were able to have. Your grandchildren are adorable.

  2. Walker looks like one happy 3 year old! I'm glad the adults didn't need sippy cups...

  3. What an awesome family picture, and Walker looks like the happiest little by EVER!

  4. i love that photo of the two of them sitting on the two chairs... what a fun birthday

  5. I can't believe little Walker is already three! Where does time go??? So glad you got to share his celebration with him :)

    If your grandkids are like ours, they LOVE those bouncy houses and slides! What great inventions for children!