Monday, August 31, 2020

Driving for Sanity

In late March, we packed a few diabetic-friendly snacks and went for an extended drive, the first of regular "sanity" drives. Even though things have opened up a bit in our community, the old normal is evidently long gone.

Travel, whether near or far, is essential to our well being, especially now.

Castle on the beach 

The exotic looking structure above was on a Gulf of Mexico beachfront just east of our town. My curiosity about the new structure, its owners and its story has yet to be satisfied. Don't you think it looks empty and a bit unloved?

Hubby relishes being behind the wheel and lately we both have enjoyed exploring roads that we never or rarely navigate in our usual routines. 

Rural roads and small communities north of our community are rich with satisfying experiences.

"Y'all" was a sure sign we were still in the Deep South. 

A lengthy drive down a rural road with few houses and lots of wooded acreage took us to a dead-end with a gated drive. A warning sign  imparted a clear message with a dash of humor.

That buzzard looks ready to feast on anyone who ignores that sign.

On one drive with snacks gone and appetites calling for lunch, we found a Taco Bell in a small town and joined the long line for drive-through orders. 

We retreated to a shady parking spot and chowed down on our fast-food feast. Ah . . . guilty pleasures.

Hubby and I enjoy Front Beach.

In May, we got one more visit to our town's Front Beach beside the Mississippi Sound. It was just a few days before the mayor ordered the beaches closed. Beaches are back open now, but temperatures are soaring.

Mississippi heat and humidity are limiting our travel right now to destinations with air conditioning or locations at cooler elevations!


Friday, August 7, 2020

Time Flies

 Computer woes, travel, doctor's appointments: I have let anything and everything keep me away from blogging. 

What I thought would be a week or so has turned into months. I am using Hubby's new laptop for this post. After finally successfully navigating to Blogger, I just discovered that that, too, has changed. 

I have missed everyone and am both hopeful and fearful about  what has transpired in your lives during my weeks of MIA . 

As I attempt to catch up with everyone, I am comforted that there is no distance in prayer. That I can still do. No computer skills required!