Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gathering of the tribe

Extended family arrived on Day Two of our Smoky Mountain camping trip in July. Upon arrival kids immediately explored boulders for climbing and waters for wading. And two generations of dads pitched the tent for our oldest son’s family.

As simple as One . . .

 Two and. . .

Three . . . Shelter for three nights and two rainstorms.

Let the snacking and. . .

. . . visiting begin.

Visiting, playing, and sleeping close to nature is a sure appetite enhancer. Oldest son and wife supplied low-country steamed shrimp, grilled fare and watermelon for our first communal dinner. Sis-in-law Lila made mac and cheese,  favorite fare of our younger campers. 

Daughter-in-law Sarah, right, and grands Stella and Luke are among the 14 family members gathered for the first of our camping meals together. 


  1. no tents for me, i would need an RV with a bed... but then you have the pop up so that is good... every one looks like they are happy as clams.

  2. They’re all young, it’s fine for them.
    In spite of the very comfy looking tent I prefer a room with a good bed and a bathroom attached.

    Enjoy the trip.

  3. Yes, spending time outdoors always whets my appetite. There is nothing like a picnic at the beach or in a park to make us ravenous.

  4. Your camping adventures conjure up fond memories of days gone by! I loved camping with family :)

  5. That is quite a tent! I have always thought camping looks like a fun family adventure...but alas, I tried it and didn't really enjoy it too much!

    But I am glad y'all had that special time together.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. You are so brave to go camping every year. I stopped camping a while back and sometimes miss it. One year we had a black snake slither through camp. He struck at a blanket hanging on a rope in his path. A memorable camping experience. Yes, youngsters see camping as a grand experience. Dianne

  7. This just makes me feel good.
    I really do miss camping but the old bones just can't do tent camping any longer. If we had a trailer like you do, we would be there in a heart beat.
    You are making me nostalgic.