Friday, September 6, 2013

Stroke Recovery Alert: gross stuff ahead

Woven into my memories of spring and summer 2013 was a noticeable, ever-present thread of aggravation: toes that insisted on in-grown status, even with a podiatrist’s occasional intervention.

But Thursday, September 5, 2013, my podiatrist got to the root of one of the problems, literally. He excavated the toenail of the big toe on my right “good” foot.
Toenail. Gross! Yuck! 

Opposite view. Yuck! Gross!

That offending portion of nail had grown curled deep into the flesh of my toe. The procedure excised a section about ½ inch x ¼ inch. Even though I am now soaking twice a day as part of the healing process, my walking is already less painful and my balance is not feeling as “off” as it has for several months.

And I finally have hope it will continue to improve and I will regain some of the confidence about walking that I had acquired months ago with the help of therapists and walking buddies among friends and family.

 Nicole, one of the “toe” angels


  1. great shot of the toe angel. i had to have my whole toe nail removed when i was in my late twenty's. i still remember it. hope yours heals quicly

  2. Walk on it, well wrapped of course, as soon as they let you. Yes, gross. LOL

  3. How you could walk at all with that thing in your flesh is beyond me. It has got to feel better. Hope you are walking pain free soon.

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