Thursday, September 12, 2013

An old enemy

From tasty tomatoes to weeds
A long overdue weeding session in our almost spent veggie patch involved dispatching oodles of the weeds below.

Dastardly seeds
These plants are not a new invader. And they carry many, many dastardly seeds. I learned early that I had to weed them out regularly and apply heavy mulch or they would reproduce rapid and turn into an unattractive ground cover, choking out everything else.

At one time I also knew the common name of this gardening enemy. As I snapped photos, though, the realization hit: I no longer remember its name. If my mother was still living, she could tell me. She knew plants, wild and domestic. And she was the one who first introduced the plant to me when I was growing up.

Anybody out there recognize this uninvited guest? I have had no success identifying it. I need to know.

To misquote ancient military strategist Sun Tzu, “Know thy enemy.”

*   *   *   *   *

Childhood logicDIL Sarah posted on Facebook this snippet of a Mother-Daughter moment with 7-year-old Charlie:

Charlie asks me, “Mama, did Cinderella sin a lot? Cause, you know, her name IS ‘SIN’derella.”


  1. Put that picture up on Facebook. Somebody there will know. :)

  2. Burn the lot of them I say. Cannot recall the name at present. Dianne

  3. Sorry but this isn't in my vocabulary...(both nasty weeds and this particular one.
    Love Sinderella....spell check didn't like my word.
    Off to clean the house and make some pumpkin bread for our small group Bible study tonight.

  4. The Cinderella quote is so cute! I am sorry I have not seen this one, we don't have any around here, but we DO have our own enemies, English Plantains. Let us know if you find out!!

  5. i laughed all the way through this, dastardly seeds, i am working on a post that i took photos for a couple days ago and mine is full of dastardly seeds to. no name for yours are mine, but yours are pretty and so are mine. i made bob rip ours up and off after i took my photos.

  6. That weed is foreign to our neck of the woods!!

  7. Fortunately for me I don't recognize that weed. Sure hope you find out what it is. Hey, maybe it is edible.
    I am invaded by bind weed that hitchhikes in bagged mulch.

  8. I was hoping someone would know by now.