Saturday, September 7, 2013

Smoky Mountains 2013: Our youngest grands

Fellow rock-climbing adventurers Stella and Walker

Our youngest grandchildren, cousins Stella, 5, and Walker, 3, share common tendencies for fearless exploration and engaging in enthusiastic physical activity.

Stella mugs for the camera. Note the headlamp.

Husband Walter brought headlamps for each of the grands for our Smokies family gathering. The lights were a hit with all six. But Stella and Walker were rarely without theirs on their heads, daylight or dark. 

Walker asked me to take this picture below of his “Lightening McQueen” light. He is a big fan of the characters in the Disney Cars movies and television programs. 
Walker with his Cars headlamp on bright.

What a pair!

Cousins Stella and Walker


  1. Such precious memories and precious kids.
    Love their loving life!

  2. Cute pictures! I have never seen those lamps before.

  3. And granny feels very proud.

    That age is fun, they have so much to explore and basking in granny’s pride and approval is not bad either.

  4. so precious and i love the shadow in the first photo. happy times with your family

  5. Amazing how joyous kids can be. Headlamps R Them.

  6. What wonderful memories those precious grands will have of their summer vacation. And I'm betting grandma will have a few of her own. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

  7. How very sweet. And we're anxiously looking forward to a visit from our grands flying in for a week from Arizona. Our Florida vacation this winter will involves a stop on the way home to visit some new friends we met at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester this spring...:) He is a retired Ranger from Smoky Mountain N.P..

  8. A couple cuties and a perfect gift.