Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stroke recovery: Bridge therapy

 Biloxi Bay Bridge (Photo:Walter Skupien)

I am back to walking on the Biloxi Bay Bridge after months of no bridge visits.

I appreciate the bridge's safe and picturesque walking lane.

0.3 mile marker

Markers at every tenth of a mile help spur me on. This Labor Day I made it well past the 0.3-mile marker and bench after my long absence.

 A perfect perch to rest and regroup for the return trip.

Labor Day sunset seen from parking near bridge

A colorful August backdrop for the steps up to the bridge’s pedestrian lane


  1. I almost died when I saw this huge scary bridge and told me you are walking on it!!! Then I saw and remembered it has that nice walking part and a resting place!

  2. You have found a very scenic place to walk, and the bridge even has benches to rest on.

  3. most of our bridges have pedestrian walkways and i have never walked one, i really should, i enjoy your walks and views. all that beauty to enjoy while you walk... glad you are back to it

  4. So glad you are back to walking that wonderful bridge.
    Good for the body and balm for the soul.

  5. Now that is a city that cares for its people. What a lovely bridge for walking. Safe, distance markers and great resting areas. Wow.