Saturday, August 31, 2013

Camping stroke-survivor style

In “the rack” for therapy in our camper
Since my discharge from neuro rehab therapy in May, Husband Walter and I have been working hard on keeping up with my stroke-recovery therapy sans professional therapists, and that includes travel days.

As a result Hubby does a lot of extra work when we travel, hauling my DynaSplints out of our van and back again for single night stays. For our July camping in the Great Smokies Mountains National Park, the splints stayed handy in our pop-up camper. I spent more than two hours a day lying down with the therapeutic splints stretching first shoulder, then elbow, and finally wrist and fingers. All the parts subject to the splints are on my left "bad" side that is weakened and curled up from spasticity as a result of my 2011 stroke.

The time spent in the splints could be frustrating, especially as it limits interaction with active grandchildren, but I am learning to give thanks in all circumstances. In this circumstance I was thankful for

- a low bed in our camper that is easy for me to navigate and so-o-o-o comfy;

- the camper windows that are situated just right for watching grandkid action and natural scenery from my bed;
 A window to nature’s décor in the campsite awaiting arrival of our Georgia tribe

Enjoying kids’ and parents’ arrival

- my Kindle, which I can use with one hand and easily read while prone;

- the natural air conditioning of cool mountain breezes;

- a husband who straps me into the splints and gets me out of them then brews me a cup of tea by a comforting campfire when I’ve done my time in the final splint.

Therapy update: I am back in physical therapy for a brief “tune up” on my walking. I really need the tune up. Maybe I will be  back in occupational therapy to work on my left arm and hand in the new year.


  1. you always amaze me at your positive look out and finding the good in every thing you do or that happens to you. I love the view out your window and would love to see it and feel the cool breeze... glad you have your kindle to pass the time.

  2. You are getting therapy in style, with camping, that forest view, and a super supportive spouse.

  3. Keep moving forward LC. I like your attitude.

  4. I haven't gone camping in decades. You make it seem so idyllic.

  5. Oh Belss you. You are an inspiration and help me forget my own issues. For a little while, anyway. Thanks, Dianne

  6. Great rehabilitation site!! Glad you had a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the campground!!

  7. You are an inspiration Linda.
    The positive attitude and your "pressing on" is a beautiful thing to see.
    Makes me think...why do I whine so much about inconveniences and the hard things of life?

    I do hope you can get back into "official" therapy in the coming year.
    Your amazing Hubby does so much for you. You are blessed.

  8. Gigi, Camping is mostly idyllic for me. Even before my stroke, my husband did all the meal prep, most of the getting ready to go. Now he does meal cleanup, too.

    Yes, I have been spoiled!

  9. What a wonderful husband!

  10. Bless you (and Walter, too) for persevering, even while on vacation :) I love how you can always find the best in every situation, although you did have an envious view outside of your camper window :)!