Thursday, September 26, 2013

Insight via Mage

July 2011—Two months, 12 days after my stroke (Photo by Walter Skupien)

Mage is owner of the blog “Postcards.” Her post of a couple days ago rearranged my thinking about blogging and its value to me.

Mage is in the aftermath of recent hip surgery as well as the deaths of a number of special people in her life. She noted in her post here that lately life has been mostly about listening and a little waiting. Another observation she made:

“Life has also been posting pictures and doing the visual things that I do. I always seem to deal with great sadness’s and joys visually.

“Put up a picture.  Think about it.  Maybe shed a tear or two.”

Thanks to Mage, I realize that I too have been processing through the visual. And for me “visual” includes both words and images that I publish on "Retirement Daze."

There are definite benefits I reap from capturing, editing and publishing posts about life’s ups and downs in words and images. Here are a few:

1) Blogging helps me to move through challenges, heartaches and times of joy, living each moment with thoroughness, thoughtfulness and thanksgiving, to paraphrase an Easter message years ago in Yosemite; 

2) Blogging helps me to avoid depression at my perceived failures to overcome physical limitations caused by my stroke.

When I look back at posts from a year or two ago, text and photos remind me of what I was experiencing then and how it compares to my current reality. 

Those older posts help me realize that, although my physical disabilities are still severe, there is increased purposeful movement going on with my left side and increased stamina and improved balance overall;

3) Blogging helps me combat selfishness and practice thankfulness. The verb “blog” encompasses more than recording my own “stuff.” 

Reading of blogging friends’ challenges, joys, adventures and everyday lives engages me. Results are laughter, tears, arm-chair travel, perspective. 

Keeping both cyber friends and face-to-face friends and family in my prayers and offering encouragement is a sure antidote to crippling self-absorption. 

And other bloggers’ comments are gifts of encouragement, kindness, humor, and pithy observations. 

Blogging promotes my memory and emotional balance. And it really does prompt me to practice 1 Thessalonians 5:18:

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18. English Standard Version (ESV)

So, thank you, Mage, and other fellow bloggers!


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! It puts into words exactly how I feel about blogging, too.

    I am so grateful for our 'blog friendship', and will treasure it always. Your prayers (and comments) mean more to me than you will ever know.

    Thanks for reminding me why I love to blog! May we both be able to continue for a long time to come :)

  2. you have truly come so far and I am now trying to think what i have accomplished and coming up zero.

    but with this comment you made i totally agree

    "Reading of blogging friends’ challenges, joys, adventures and everyday lives engages me. Results are laughter, tears, arm-chair travel, perspective."

    You said that. but if i could write and think like you do i would have said it because it is true for me too.

    I do know i am better at photography and story telling but the word I keeps coming up in my thoughts and not others.

    I need to do a lot of deep thinking on this subject.

  3. I'm grateful for blogs because that's how I met you. (:0)
    You have enriched my life, Linda.
    Thank you for being so candid and transparent.
    I see so much progress, even though there is frustration.
    Keep on keeping on.
    I love how you keep the testimony of what the Lord is doing in your life to the forefront. That encourages me.
    We have our Dear friends Wanda and Don visiting for a few days. We met through blogging.
    You can go to my favorites link and click on Wanda got a minute to see this precious woman's delightful blog.
    You would love her. I think you and she are a lot a like.

  4. Yes, blogging connects us to new friends, and when you look back at earlier posts you see how you are improving after your stroke. God bless you, and see you here in future.

  5. Yes, I believe Blogging does all these things and more. It is like your own journal, but with friends along on the trip with you to encourage!

  6. Hi, stopping by from Sue (Photowantabe) Sue was sharing your blog and story with me. I enjoyed your read, and I can see why you are such an inspiration to other blog friends.. I too think blogging has enriched my life, given me an avenue to share my thoughts, faith and life. I will surely be back to visit again. Hope you'll stop by and see me too.

  7. Blogging is a good yard stick for you to see how far you have come. I wonder if any of us would blog however if there were no comments. That instant feed back is so good for the soul. They add smiles and encouragement to our lives. I am so glad you decided to blog and that I found you. You do inspire me.