Monday, June 11, 2012

Vive la différence

One of the many delights that grand children bring is the chance to observe how each one is unique. A recent weekend visit to our home by our Louisiana tribe offered abundant, and entertaining, examples of the differences in four-year-old granddaughter Molly Kate’s approach to fun and the approach that her two-year-old brother Walker takes.

Grandson Walker’s favorite attire
Walker operates on a philosophy of “less is best” when it comes to clothing. Molly Kate loves clothes and playing dress up.

Molly Kate models her witchy fashion.
On this visit she rummaged in the toy stash until she found a headband fashioned after a witch’s chapeau. Several years ago if she caught a glimpse of that “spider ball” she is holding in the above photo, or any other spider-shaped toy, she would quickly retreat to another room.

She surprised me on this visit. Not only did she ham it up with the spider ball, but she also used two spider bracelets as earrings.

Accessorizing with spiders

While Walker ran, jumped, skipped and hopped nonstop, Molly Kate systematically arranged Fisher Price little people and created her original chronicle of their interactions. At one point Molly Kate, Baboo and son Jeremy assembled various renditions of a marble maze. Both siblings became engrossed in repeatedly sending a marble on its way though the plastic tubes and obstacles.

Molly Kate’s technique involved precision with occasional adjustments to her witch’s hat.

Time out for a quick fashion fix

Walker’s technique was an energetic toss of the marble from farther away.  His aim was surprisingly accurate.
Walker executes a quick toss.

Excitement at the marble’s a-mazing (groan) descent

As a wonderful Saturday wound down, Mom and Dad loaded little ones up, Molly Kate settling quietly into her car seat, Walker protesting vigorously about being confined to one spot. Off they drove with Nana and Baboo waving, and Nana a little teary.

The next day oldest son Walt and daughter-in-law Sarah topped off our weekend with anecdotes of summer fun they were having with our Georgia grands. My cup runneth over.


  1. These are wonderful pictures!!! And you know that Molly Kate is my favorite, I know having favorites is wrong but, I can't help it. Anne Marie went through a stage at about two where she would take off all her clothes and run around the house, she loved it! I don't think she would ever do that now. We have the same marble run!!!! And the girls have gotten many years of fun from it! You can take it apart and put it back together in different ways,

  2. precious memories here! this means she is growing up, since she is no longer afraid of the spiders. you are truly blessed

  3. I love your pics and your observations! Grandchildren enrich our lives - and make us look forward to their next visit :)!!

  4. They are darling children who obviously bring you great joy. I wish my grands had not all grown up. I miss those days when they were babies and toddlers, yet this stage of teens and pre-teens is also fun.

  5. Oh, what adorable grandkids! I love your photos! Keep them coming!

  6. What adorable little versions of Mars and Venus. Isn't it wonderful that we need both types to make up our world.

  7. My Lorelei is a combination of Walker and Molly Kate....she either runs around dressed as a pink princess, or she wants them all off down to her panties...and just giggles up a storm when they are off and she will run to Grandpa and he will act embarrassed to see her...she loves any kind of reaction, even if it is fake.

  8. I love the ending statement...My cup runneth over. (Spell check does not like the word runneth!)
    This is exactly how I feel about my family, grandkids and living in this God given home and attending a fabulous, forward vision church.
    I am truly blessed.