Sunday, June 17, 2012

A blogging danger

Succumbing to uncontrollable manic laughter and tears in a public place is a risk one may encounter upon venturing into the blogosphere. Such was the dilemma husband Walter and I encountered on a Father’s Day jaunt to Coffee Fusion, our favorite coffee shop.

The incident actually occurred on Saturday, the day we chose to celebrate an early Father’s Day, but a bit more on that celebration another time. Hubby and I were happily and quietly settled in, both with our earphones.

Husband Walter . . .

. . . and I indulge in unobtrusive listening.

I had clicked on the link to a video of Golf Brooks singing “Senior Moments.”

Even though the video was slow loading and would pause every now and then while the Internet service overcame its own senior moments, the closed captioning kept me on track with the words. By the time he got to the verse about Rogaine and Viagra, my modest giggles erupted into loud, unladylike belly laughs and I collapsed over my keyboard.

An alarmed hubby jerked off his earphones to find out what was wrong.

“Video,” I gasped. “Senior moments.”

I offered to email the link. He declined the offer, confident he could find it on YouTube. But first, he said, he would finish listening to Tony Bennett singing “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.”

I went back to reading blogs that I follow. Suddenly I realized Hubby was distraught, slumped forward, shoulders shaking, hands to his forehead. My heart started racing. I saw actual tears falling onto to the lenses of his glasses.


“So funny,” he squeaked out. “The Rogaine and Viagra pill mixup!”

I am placing the blame for our unnaturally raucous behavior firmly where it belongs, on Ronni Bennett and her June 16 “Interesting Stuff” post here.

If laughter is powerful medicine, and I believe it is, then we were dangerously close to overdosing.


  1. my favorite part is the what problem, who are you. i can totally relate to Senior moments. i have never been in a coffee shop with WIFi, never looked at my computer any where but home. so do you go there just for fun? also have no headphones. wish i had them for the TV for bob.

  2. Sandra, Yes, we go to the coffee shop just for fun. It is just about half a dozen blocks from our home and someday, when the weather turns cool and I have built my walking stamina up, I hope to walk there. We had been meeting there regularly with another couple for a weekly talkfest. Post-stroke it was the first place husband Walter took me for an outing after my release from the hospital. Hubby rolled me in in my wheelchair. Now a year later I am walking in. I still have sort of a Frankinstein walk but at least I don't have Frankie's stitches around my forehead, ha!

    Coffee Fusion is a modest community gathering place and we enjoy indulging in lattes for hubby and tea for me. Besides a bit of travel and rare meals out, it is just about the only other entertainment expenditure in our budget.

    Regulars there have observed and offered kind words of encouragement during my recovery. Blessings come in lots of different forms!

  3. Oh my goodness! I was sitting here watching this video, while wearing ear plugs. Ed was watching Fox News on tv. Suddenly I burst out laughing about the pill mix up, and Ed gave me such a such a strange look! It was truly a Kodak moment. Thanks for the hearty dose of laughter :)