Sunday, June 3, 2012

Carnivorous plants and cinnamon rolls

Pitcher Plants
I noticed the cluster of small pot plants as I sat down at a table. We had just entered the small coffee shop located in a building on the edge of the old downtown district in Hattiesburg, MS, the city of my childhood.

I focused most of my attention, though, on my husband and the coffee shop owner. Would there be any of the Saturday-only, made-from-scratch, fresh-baked cinnamon rolls left?

Those cinnamon rolls are my reason for visiting Southbound Bagel every chance we get, which has been once or twice a year for several years.

We were in luck. A single cinnamon roll was left. As usual, it covered a small plate. And it was so outrageously packed with brown sugar, cinnamon and icing that it was definitely a violation of all orders about healthy eating. In fact, hubby and I have learned to split one of the treats.

I even have difficulty finishing my half. I do, however, always bravely soldier on to the finish. Oh, who am I kidding? There is no courage involved, only gluttonous ecstasy.

Southbound owner Chris Hackbarth serves up cinnamon rolls in this photo from a 2010 visit.

I closed my eyes and savored the gooey goodness near the center. When I opened my eyes, the collection of plants in small pots came into focus. Insect-eating plants right there by my cinnamon roll! I could even see the water in the throat of the pitcher plant. Thankfully, no victims were visible in either the pitcher plant or an adjacent sundew.
Carnivore, close-up

I thought it was a weird choice for pot plants in an establishment that serves food, but I have to say I enjoyed both my cinnamon roll and those exotic and colorful bits of nature.


  1. I would love to have a try at eating the whole thing!! As to the carnivorous plants, it is good they use them for insect control instead of chemicals, but if they had a victim inside it is not a pretty sight while you are eating.

  2. We have a place in the Ozarks that serves monster rolls fit for a family of 4 or a really hungry 2.
    I like the natural approach to insect control but not as a table decoration.
    Seeing it in action might kill my appetite.

  3. i love pitcher plants and have only seen them at Selby Gardens. i will trade you one banana split for one cinnamon roll, you will understand this when you visit todays post.

  4. What chance that these plants would find flies inside a restaurant? The plants will starve to death. And those cinnamon rolls look absolutely delicious. I could eat at least two if not more! Lol.

  5. I love them and will bake my own using a high-protein flour. Better for me although I am savoring yours via imagination. The pitcher plant looks well fed and watered. Dianne

  6. Oh, I wish I had some of that gooey goodness right now! My mouth is watering! I've never seen that unique, but beautiful plant, and I agree that's an interesting choice of table decoration!

  7. Now you've made me hungry! Nothing better than a warm gooey cinnamon roll :)

  8. Well, I like the insect control at the bakery. I don't think its icky...just really clever. I guess I am fascinated with the weird and unusual.
    Yumm, yumm, yumm on the rolls. they would definitely bring me back again and again.