Sunday, June 17, 2012

On this Father's Day

Husband Walter

A local pastor’s Father’s Day message was a refreshing celebration of men and God’s purpose for them. Instead of admonishing dads about shortcomings, he gave wives a list of things to always do and things to never ever do to help their mates grow into the unique males God created them to be.

I was proud that several items on the list had been drilled into me from the earliest age that I can recall. They were common sense admonitions such as “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” I can remember times when I was aware of the pain, whether temporary or long lasting, that a female friend or relative wreaked upon her husband and children through her attitudes and actions. Mother’s answers to my disturbed and anxious questions reinforced the truth of her sayings. And, of course, she lived what she preached.

Some items on the pastor’s list I had eventually come to realize through living and maturing and eventually recognizing the difference between loving, constructive approaches and selfish, destructive approaches to the daily challenges of living. But I think I was most proud that so many things on the pastor’s list were things my husband taught me.

On this Father’s Day I am thankful for this man who has helped me grow as a wife and mother. I treasure how he recognized negative patterns that sometimes took root in family dynamics with our children and gently suggested to me, in private, possible alternatives. I appreciate how he has stuck and kept working together through good and bad, happy and sad. I am thankful for the example he has lived out before our two sons.

He is not perfect. That would definitely be hard to live with. Not perfect but God’s perfect choice for me. Happy Father’s Day to my husband!


  1. He has the most kind, sweet, and gentle face. Seems the two of you are just perfectly matched!

  2. How sweet this is. Your husband does have a sweet and gentle face, just as Ginny has said. Isn't it great how these men complete us and help us to become so much better than we would ever be without them?

  3. this is beautiful and a wonderful tribute to your parents and your hubby.

  4. Ginny, Sally, Sandra, Thank you for your comments today and on previous posts. Today's comments mean all the more to me because I know from reading your blogs for quite a while that you have firsthand knowledge and appreciation for the blessings of a kind, sweet, gentle and "I'll-stick-with-you-babe" spouse!

  5. You are so blessed. Would all fathers and husbands be as kind as yours. Good advice to never let the sun go down on anger.

  6. What a nice tribute to your husband! I am glad he has always been there for you and your children.

  7. I think your husband is very lucky to have you. Marriage is a two-way street.

    He looks a sweetie; good luck and many years of happiness to both of you.