Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogger Blues

I have been desperately trying to find answers to disturbing quirks in the new Blogger dashboard. The problems I have encountered have generated a severe case of the blogging blues. I did find a post about how to go back to the old dashboard. Now I am back to the old, and none of the plaguing problems occur with the oldie but goodie. How long, though, before Blogger axes the old version that does work in favor of the obnoxious new one that doesn’t work well for me.

From my searches for answers, it appears other people are having problems, too, but not the same as mine. Of course, their problems could be what I am experiencing and I’m just not familiar enough with the nomenclature to understand their complaints.

Some comments I read suggested that the goal of the Blogger powers that be is to weed out certain categories of bloggers. If that is true, and if the technologically inept and elder are among targeted bloggers, they will probably successfully eliminate me. 

Be forewarned. The rest of this post is more of my indulging in a whine with detailed complaints. Among my complaints about the new, improved (Linda said sarcastically) dashboard:

1) Frequently when I try to post, the line that contains the box for entering the post title is just not there. It is the same line that the Publish button is on. I’ve tried all sorts of strategies. The only thing that has worked is to close down, go away, take a deep breath, attempt to control my aggravation and try again another day. This situation never occurred with the old dashboard.

2) I can choose photos from my computer files with no problem. I can hit “Add Selected” and place the first photo in the post that I am working on. When I click on the little photo icon to start the process for inserting the next photo in my post, the only photo that shows up is the one I just inserted. 

If I run my cursor over where the photos were after I had chosen them from my computer files, their filenames show up. I can even click “Add Selected” and move another photo to my post. What I cannot do is see a thumbnail of the photo to be sure it is the one I want next. Again, this problem has shown up on the new dashboard only.

3) A few months into my blogging efforts, I signed up for Google Adsense. For me it has been Google Nonsense. Procrastination and a weird sense of enjoyment has kept me clicking over to check on my Adsense account a couple times a month. Trying to access it through the "improved" dashboard, however, has just led to invitations to open an Adsense account. GRRRRRR!  No problem since I returned to the old dashboard.

My husband has experienced the first problem I listed. Some other differences are slowing him down, but he is hanging in there with the new dashboard. Any advice or chronicles of dastardly dashboard deeds are welcomed!


  1. number 2 is a glitch that they are working on, i have been on new blogger for a year or more and love it, this problem with the photos disappearing is something that comes and goes. to work around it i add mine in in the order i want them while getting them from the computer and put them all in at the same time.

    as for the post title disappearing, mine has never done that. i think it could be the color scheme you have on your computer, are you using the default blue colors? your blog is really white. if you go into design and change your background colors it might help. wish i were there to help you
    as for adsense i have never used it and do not like it. i hate seeing all the ads on the blogs, but realize blooger has to make money some way since they don't charge us. i am sick to death of ads

  2. I am sorry this is happening to you. To edit your posts, do what I do all the time. Go to "posts" and you will see a big list of all your posts with the last one being on the top. Run the pointer over it and it will say "edit" Click on that. I do this all the time with no problem. I hope this can help you a bit.

  3. Hi there, and how nice to meet you.

    Yes, I am an addicted fan of Emily Polifax....and her ilk. What a delightful series Gilman created. I have them all and am rereading them.

    #1. Try refreshing. I am having trouble leaving notes on Blogger blogs myself, and I find the note boxes appear when the site is refreshed.

    #2. I cheat. I use simple code to insert my pictures from a photo host. I use Snapfish. I center the pictures, and only if there is an error somewhere do I play with the pictures in the blogger editor. I too hate the new interface but am doggedly sticking to it.

    #3. Nope. I don't have time for the Nonsense. :)

    I will check back often. :)

  4. I don't like the new Blogger dashboard either! I haven't blogged over there lately, due to lack of time, but I really don't like the changes at all :(

    I prefer using Word Press. Everything is more user friendly and works better.

    I hope you get rid of those blogging blues soon!

  5. You poor thing! I have used WordPress since Nov 2006, when I started my gigi-hawaii blog and have had no problems with it. Perhaps you should switch?

  6. I see you found Mage and she found you, I hope you found the corn video. That was the best corn we ever had and I will do it again soon.
    Cooking tikka marsala today and is it good!!!

    As for blogger blues, i wish I could help you but alas I am no good at helping anyone with these issues.

    Hang in there, patience, persistence and a burning desire will see you through. Dianne