Friday, June 29, 2012

Questions I have asked myself lately

Do I downplay hard things as I post about my experiences and observations of my “retirement daze”?

Friko’s recent post here about blogs that seem to chronicle perfect, fabulous lives sparked an outpouring of lively comments. Her post and the resulting comments led me to critically examine my own blogging habits. The result was this comment that I left on her blog:

“I sometimes blog about the not-so-happy stuff. But usually when I have experienced hard, unpleasant, painful or sad things, I really don't want to experience them again by writing about them unless I can identify a positive element, a launching point for joy, growth, thankfulness, healing or humor.

If I choose to look for the positive, I find it in abundance, at times even in the form of piercing joy. The alternative is a spiral into my susceptibility to crippling negativity.”

Duh! This lesson is so simple, but I still need occasional refresher courses. I am thankful for such blogs as Friko’s and the comments shared by other denizens of the blogosphere. Blogging is fun, entertaining and informative; it creates rewarding connections; and on top of all that, it is good therapy!

How do I let my to-do list get so long and malicious?

Here’s how I do it. Sigh.

1. List several big items and mentally set unrealistic deadlines and expectations.
2. Procrastinate in an attempt to banish the feeling of being overwhelmed.
3. Obsess over the big picture.
4. Forget that breaking the big picture into small, easier to accomplish tasks works.
5. Embrace the paralysis that 1-5 produce.

So here I sit, officially reminding myself: Finish one little thing.

Aha! This post is one little thing, and it is now finished. I am moving on to indulging in Hubby’s homemade pizza. Have a great weekend!


  1. Your posts are fine just the way they are. You post the realistic story of what happened to you, you pull no punches,and you are an inspiration to many. Your husband makes homemade pizza????

  2. Its the little things of life that can overwhelm us. I really like your positive attitude and the way you let us into your life and each step you take.
    Don't change a thing.

  3. I was really blown away by your post about the treatment for your stroke, especially the photos of the machine used on your cheek. I was tempted to print that post and show it to my internist, because I wondered if such a machine would work for Bell's Palsy, which I contracted last December for the 2nd time. Then, I realized Bell's Palsy is a little different from a stroke. My cheeks have recovered somewhat and I can smile, now.

    I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. i like your post just like they are, that is the good thing about blogging, we can share the good the bad and the ugly. i do not like post that are negative nellies over and over and over, other than that, i like to hear what is going on in everyones life.

  5. I think you are very realistic in your blog. You have the ability to see humor in unfortunate things that might break some but that you make them seem softer and benign with humor. A wonderful trait. I agree, don't change.

  6. Thanks for the mention, LC.

    I don't think you're one of those who are relentlessly upbeat. There's more reality here than in many other blogs. You are wise enough to put up with what is without complaining but, at the same time, do your utmost to get yourself out of the difficulties caused by fate.

  7. I did all the self-analysis in my forties. Glad to have it behind me. The best thing I can do is Let Go and Let God. Helps a lot, although I have been complaining about the heat lately. We got our AC back today, Hooray!! Now that's a positive. Dianne