Monday, November 29, 2010

Friday Thanksgiving 2010

Post-Thanksgiving tree-trimmers celebrate success
Our family got together the day after Thanksgiving, and we were able once again to engage our five oldest grandchildren in decorating Baboo and Nana’s Christmas tree, with a little organizational help from the adults.
Daughter-in-law Katie hands out ornaments to our youngest tree-trimmers.

Observing Thanksgiving the Friday after the official Thursday holiday is close to becoming a tradition with our children and their families. We were so happy that Walter’s mom, Grandma Sugar could join us.

Whether they realize it or not, our family’s tree-trimming was a much-appreciated early Christmas gift to me – the gift of precious memories of this Thanksgiving. A few of those memories:

Little faces intent on the task at hand . . .
Grands Nate, 6, left, his sister Stella and cousin Molly Kate, both 2+

Young hands working to position an ornament just so . . .
Grandson Luke, at eight years old, deftly hangs ornaments.

Grandsons stretching to hang ornaments high on the tree . . .
Nate was determined to reach as high as his brother and rocked the tree a couple of times.

A granddaughter’s tree-trimming attire . . .
Four-year-old Charlie raided the dress-up box and decorated herself first with a tulle party dress and elaborate hair accessories.

The decorating strategies of children . . .

When you’ve found a good spot, why not put as many ornaments in that spot as you can!

Son Jeremy led the charge again this year with son Walt providing the photographic documentation of grandkids that appear in this post. Thank you, sons!

These newer memories join older ones that our tree always conjures up for me: our sons' growing-up years, our travels as a family and as a couple, and the generosity of relatives and friends who have brightened our Christmases with handcrafted ornaments or tree-trimming treasures from their own faraway travels.

The top third of our tree, beyond the youngsters’ reach, remains undecorated. In the next day or so I will finish decorating. And I will relish counting my blessings both past and present all the while. Thanksgiving is one holiday that never has to end!
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  1. What a wonderful tradition!! I love these pictures, especially the little one decorating with the paci in her mouth, and Charlie, making the whole process a formal event! How blessed you are to have such lovely grandchildren and have them all together on this day! The pictures are priceless!

  2. your photos just prove the quote on my blog, photos are the pilot light of memories and these photos will light memories for many years to come, yours and theirs. adorable, all of them. my friends 2 year old grand son did what yours did, put all the ornaments on one limb

  3. I got a really lovely, vicarious warmth around my heart from reading this post and seeing the terrific pictures. Lucky Baboo!

  4. I love your tree, full of ornaments of every size, shape and colour - a real mix-match and dazzle. Just the way I like mine too. I gave up on real trees a few years ago but the temptation to go back to the scent of a pine tree is very strong. Must try to hold out.

  5. It is fun watching all the kiddos put ornaments on the tree, although it does seem like a whirling dervish experience. I look forward to when they are older and take time to evaluate where the ornaments should be placed. Truthfully, I'm just being selfish because I miss it just being you, me, and Walt. I guess I had to grow up sometime!

  6. Aw, Jeremy, you are making me weepy. But if you really want to decorate -- just you and me -- the top third is still available!!! He he!

  7. Sorry I'm late getting over to visit. I love the photos of your "grands" decorating your tree. What a nice tradition, and what wonderful memories for everyone involved :)