Monday, November 15, 2010

What I’m reading lately

Wishbones by Carolyn Haines was an entertaining read I borrowed from the bookshelves of a local coffee shop. I’ve posted before about my frugal reading habits, and nothing has changed there. “Frugal” means I rarely pay for books and also avoid checking out books from the library because I never seem to get them back on time, and when the overdue notice comes I can’t seem to find them, and then the fines add up and up and up. You get the picture. I am an irresponsible reader. I cannot be trusted with a library card.

Anyway, Wishbones is the 2008 entry in Haines’ "Bones" series starring Sarah Booth Delaney. A child of the Deep South, Sarah Booth takes a leave of absence from her P.I. career, her beloved family mansion and her friends to snatch a chance at fulfilling the acting-career dreams of her younger self. She shines in the Hollywood screen test for a steaming remake of the movie Body Heat. Her fast track to stardom, however, is beset with a dangerously tempting leading man, a corpse, freak accidents, deadly threats and ghostly visitations.

This is my second taste of Haines’ "Bones" series, and I do enjoy the pace, dialog, humor and characters she creates. The villain and motive were identifiable pretty early. I am not a die-hard mystery buff, though, and there was plenty to keep me interested. Yes, I confess. I like light, easy-to-read, escapist literature, and I will be reading more of the "Bones" series. Plus, it is great to see a girl from the southern part of Mississippi make good. My husband Walter even worked with Haines on the Mississippi Press in Pascagoula, MS, for a brief time.


  1. I read book reviews, but haven't heard of this one! Looks good!

  2. i am the opposite, my library card is my lifeline, I would be lost without it. I check out 5 to 6 books every 3 weeks and sometimes read them all in 2 weeks. reading is my first love, even over blogging and email. before i retired i bought books every week, now I just read and return. last week i paid .50 late fee for the first time in 60 plus years because it was raining on the day they were due and i don't like driving in the rain. it helps I am less than 5 minutes from the library