Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Digging ‘mums’

Molly Kate digs mums?
On her Thanksgiving visit, granddaughter Molly Kate wanted a repeat of her gardening experience of several weeks earlier. I understood the toddler speak about feeding the hungry plants (she sprinkled Osmocote generously on lettuce, green onions and bell peppers, the only things I had growing at the time). 

But I couldn’t understand her preoccupation with wanting to dig mums. I didn’t have any mums. I think I heard mom Katie suggesting Molly Kate was referring to the worms that populate my compost pile. MK's 6-year-old cousin Nate had introduced her to earthworms during a shared digging session in early November. She apparently wanted to dig for worms again.

So dig she did . . .

. . . and filled a container with compost and earthworms.

A granddaughter’s industrious and enthusiastic digging for “mums” is another after-Thanksgiving blessing that I am thankful for.


  1. I know all about cute little granddaughters, we have a four year old one. Molly is a doll! And I love her hat and cute little skirt, what a blessing to have these times to remember!

  2. she is a true doll baby and I love her name. it fits her well. so cute and thanks for a peek into her life

  3. Those photographs are brilliant. Wonderful to see such intense concentration.

  4. Thanks for stopping by lately. It's nice to have a reader comment.