Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Friday Thanksgiving

With grown children having other family and work commitments, we celebrated our Thanksgiving blessings on Friday.

Here are five of our favorite blessings: our grandchildren Luke, Nate, Stella, Charlie and Molly Kate, in front of the Christmas tree they just helped decorate. Here are a few other Friday Thanksgiving blessings, large and small:
1.    Both my mother-in-law, Grandma Sugar, 84, and my mother, Mamaw Carpenter, 90, were able to join us. We are so blessed that our grandchildren have opportunities to stay close to these really GREAT great-grandmothers.
2.    With everyone having experienced multiple turkey dinners, our Thanksgiving feast was baby back ribs and traditional sides, thanks to my husband Walter.
3.    Son Jeremy had the courage to marshal our grandchildren ages 7, 5, 3, 21 months and 17 months for decorating duty. He festooned our Christmas tree with garlanding then he and I helped the children decorate. The ornaments were all ones our sons had made or that we or others had given them each Christmas of their growing up years. It was not an exercise for the faint of heart or the dedicated perfectionist. But it was perfect.
4.    When daughters-in-law Sarah and Katie get together, the conversation is nonstop with their catching up, comparing notes, swapping ideas and keeping kids engaged and happy. What a blessing they are individually and collectively!
5.    My husband Walter.

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