Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A peek at the past

Oh my goodness! Is that me?
Finally got around to looking at some photos a relative loaded onto my computer during a Spring 2009 reunion of my maternal grandmother’s family. I would have posted them earlier, but it took me awhile to get off the floor.  Help! I’m laughing and I can’t get up.

Both photos are of my mother and me. The one above must have been in the early 1970s, about 1973 probably. I was obviously due a hair makeover.  The one below is about a year later. Just noticed it looks like my mother has on the same dress both years. My guess is she was prepared for the fact that there was no air conditioning in the old cafeteria building of the school-turned-community center where we gathered for several years. 
NOTE: My husband and I were sitting in our favorite coffee shop when I first posted the above. When I looked at a post he just now finished, I had to link it. More pix from the pre-gray past, 2008 and earlier. We didn't discuss what we planned to post. What a coincidence. And by the way, if you click on his post, it may not come up. He is still working on getting some kinks ironed out with Blogger. Sometimes it comes up; sometimes not, just a message that the Website is unavailable or some such text. Any advice anyone?


  1. at one time I had hair JUST LIKE YOURS. almost identical. I had many years of BIG hair and i look at the photos and think WHAT? ME? LIKE That? yours looks much better than mine. if i can find the one i am thinking of i will scan and post

  2. Well, you and your mom are right in step with each other in that first picture! And she is wearing the same dress in both pictures, how funny! Sweet memories.

  3. It's funny how we often look better at the age we are now. It's also lovely to include these memories online. They are real, they are important, they are special. Sorry I can't help you with blogger - hope your husband's blog is up soon.