Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One more about Peter Anderson Festival

My happiness pitcher
As soon as our six grandchildren and their parents departed after a weekend with us, husband Walter and I collapsed. We loved every minute. Now, thanks to some lazy Sunday afternoon downtime, I’m loving that my batteries are recharged, well, almost recharged.

We did manage, at the last minute Sunday, to dredge up enough energy to make a quick trip to our town’s Peter Anderson Festival. With a mutual desire to downsize and simplify, my husband and I have become more browsers than buyers. Actually, we have always been browzers. We visited a leather sofa in a furniture store for about three years before we ordered it.
Mississippi artist Beth Sartin

That said, last year in the closing moments, I picked up a pitcher by Mississippi artist Beth Sartin and couldn’t put it down. It was the first time I had seen her work.

She credited the abundant daylilies in our town as her inspiration for that particular pattern. She applies it on a variety of decorative and useful items. With our limited space, any purchase, whether new or previously loved, has to fulfill a purpose and speak to me, promising continued delight. My daylily pitcher now holds spatulas and other cooking utensils. The saucy, vibrant colors and flowing lines of the daylilies give me a lift every time I see them, which adds up to many times each day.

I made it too late Sunday. Beth had practically sold out of everything. She rated her 2010 festival experience as excellent.  

Artists usually like this festival. People come ready to buy, returning again and again to their favorite booths. Whether I am just looking or actually buying, I enjoy the Peter Anderson event. It appeals to all my senses: live music, the aromas of great food wafting around the booths, tempting me to taste, and the treat of seeing and touching the creative ideas expressed in tangible form by gifted artists and craftsmen.


  1. Thanks for answering my question about whether you got to go yourself this year. I know what you mean about collapsing when the grandkids leave! The pitcher is indeed a big splash of happiness, I would cheer up each time I saw it. You now have daylilies in the winter! and I also imagine it is one of a kind!

  2. the pitcher is really beautiful, ablsolutely lovely. she is very talented. I have been very lazy today and you are only the 2nd blog i have visited, usualy i visit all my foloowers by 9 am since i get up early, but i am dragging today, no reason, just so.

  3. The pitcher is wonderful... Very beautiful... The paintings are amazing!!
    Have a great day:)

  4. Hi -

    I found you on Sandra's blog. My name is Sandra, too. I am in Washington, DC.

    I loved your orange butterfly photo, and the spider web with the close up of the spider's legs.

    Thank you for sharing.