Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving treats

A café that husband Walter and I both wanted to try in NOLA
A packed schedule this year condensed our usual five-day or more pre-Thanksgiving travel. Our idea of an overnight stay in New Orleans turned into a 45-hour vacation from our everyday eating habits.

We started Monday evening, before we had even packed for our trip to New Orleans, with a 6 p.m. reservation for dinner at Mary Mahoney’s Restaurant in neighboring Biloxi.

After breakfast at home the next morning, we loaded up and hit the road. Less than two hours later, we both were hungry and stopped for a quick breakfast burrito each at Mickey D’s. After all, it was a vacation day!

For lunch we stood in line at Central Grocery in New Orleans’ French Quarter for a muffuleta. I love theirs more than any other I have tasted, but we have learned to order a half. A fourth each is a meal.

For dinner we continued our sandwich theme at the Marigny, an establishment we had noticed a number of times on our way to the heart of the French Quarter. Both Walter and I had wanted to give it a try, but the timing had never been right before.

Wednesday morning we followed the continental breakfast at our hotel with a walk through the French Quarter AND 
. . . beignets at Café du Monde. 
Hey! You can’t mess with tradition. It is a required stop.

We ended our eating vacation with a panini – shared – at our favorite coffee shop, Coffee Fusion in our own hometown.

More Big Easy words and photos to come! Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Well, this sure beats staying home and slaving over a hot stove! My mouth is watering. And I have always wanted to try beignets!! The closest I have ever come is something The Olive Garden has, that they serve warm with chocolate dipping sauce. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Love all the sign photos and it sounds like wonderful 45 hours to me. hubby and I for many years had a favorite beach to stay on, we went there in May and Oct of each year, the first time we went we tried to eat 3 meals a day out and the next time we went we went to 2 meals only
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Well okay, this just isn't fair. Here I sit, tummy growling and smelling the wonderful turkey roasting in my oven. Everything is set and ready when friends come in 2 more hours.
    I may have to sneak a bite of something after hearing about all those wonderful eateries.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. I think I gained 3 lbs just reading about the Muffaletta! I think this NOLA excursion is a fine tradition. If we ever live somewhere close enough, we may just adapt to something similar. In the meantime, we'll make our own muffalettas--hubby insists on vegetarian versions! But definitely beignets ! for dessert. I've made my own, once, but I'm sure NOLA's are better! What a tasty time I've had here this morning!