Monday, November 22, 2010

What I’ve been reading lately

In my read-through of the Bible, I am now in the part about the Israelites’ battles to take control of the land God had promised them. During earlier chapters and ones I am reading now, God’s instructions include admonitions not to follow the idol worshippers’ practice of sacrificing their little ones to the idols. Reading about that has always made me wonder about God’s command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, the son that fulfilled God’s promise to Abraham and his barren wife Sarah.

Since God’s instructions to Abraham's descendants repeatedly show his condemnation of such sacrifice, how did Abraham know it was God and not some mental aberration or evil influence putting ideas into his head? Finally. . . duh, it dawned on me recently. He recognized God’s voice; he knew it. God had spoken to him before, and Abraham had committed his life and the lives of everyone he cared about to follow whatever path God commanded. God had already done the impossible with the birth of Isaac, and Abraham trusted God in this situation, too, although he couldn't possibly understand why he was commanded to do such a thing. Wow!

Makes me think hard about how well I recognize God’s leadership. What things in my life distract me from Abraham’s kind of awareness? What kinds of things interfere with the growth into the relationship that God wants me to have with him? More thinking about that – and hopefully change -- ahead!


  1. every time i have read those chapters, i wonder what i would have done if it were me. i can't even IMAGINE taking one of my sons up the mountain with the intent of killing him. Lots of faith there for sure.

  2. It can be hard to know whether a leading is from God, our own mind, or something else. This post is really good and thought provoking. we do need to be still every day for a bit, and also pray for discernment as to God's leading

  3. Thanks for realizing that it wasn't God's voice that was telling you to sacrifice me when I was pushing your buttons. LOL!

  4. Powerful lesson and I want to recognize God's voice. You are right. Lots to think about and hopefully change too.

  5. I've been over here reading and catching up a bit. It seems I've fallen behind a bit lately.

    I loved all of your posts. I hope your greens turned out okay. I was given some last week, and I cooked them--something I don't do often.

    I'm glad the cashier in Walmart was courteous to your mom. I have such awful experiences at Walmart most of the time--I'm glad there are still good people out there.

    Kudos on your Bible reading. I start, then get side-tracked. I need so desperately to rearrange my priorties!

    I'll say it early, in case I don't get back over until afterward, I hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving! Kathy