Sunday, July 14, 2013

Time flies

Luke, the birthday boy

Luke, our first grandchild, celebrated turning 11-years-old recently. In a few more years we may still choose to call him "the birthday boy” on his special day, but the label won’t be accurate. He is rapidly maturing into a young man.

During a visit today, our son Walt pointed out that in about four more years Luke will be the age that his dad Walt was when he and Sarah, Luke’s mom and our daughter-in-law, first started going together.


The wish

Watching Luke with 11 candles in front of him, I could still feel the overwhelming joy and thankfulness that I experienced when I cuddled our little month-early Luke for the first time.

Time does indeed fly. But some things haven’t changed: Love for this child, no matter what the age, and the love, joy and thankfulness that Luke and our other grandchildren are bringing into our lives.


  1. handsome birthday boy and I love the middle photo with the candles glowing. pretty cake

  2. He is a very handsome young man! And there is still time to continue enjoying his boyhood before he becomes a man!

  3. very good looking kid! Happy Birthday, Luke!

  4. Love that first picture. What a handsome young man. They do grow up fast don't they?
    Happy Birthday Luke.

  5. Gotta cherish the moments, because they sure do fly by. Happy Birthday Luke!

  6. Very handsome young man. Surely, the girls have noticed him? He looks like Nate, which makes me wonder if they are brothers? Dianne