Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stroke recovery: Going backwards

A terrible truth just now burst upon me as I looked in the mirror of the restroom at Coffee Fusion, one of my favorite blogging and tea-drinking spots. My shirt is on backwards!

We were in a hurry today, and Hubby helped me don the top. At least it wasn’t inside out. I’ve done that since my stroke, too.

Back at the table with Hubby, we laughed at my wardrobe malfunction. Hubby pressed for a decision: Go back to the restroom where he would help me with the required adjustment or wait til we return home.

This particular top is a not my easiest garment to get on and off post-stroke. Plus, we have been here for over an hour, visiting and chatting with other “regulars” and getting an Internet fix. I think if anyone were going to pass out over the shock of seeing my backward attire, they would have already keeled over.

Forgive my lack of interest in fashion correctness, but I just choose to go backwards until we get home.

Have a great weekend and stay safe if you are in the path of bad weather!


  1. Don't feel badly. I did that twice last year when I had company no less. I'd bet no one noticed.

  2. Good for you!!!! It must be a kind that is had to tell which side is which. And now here is one for YOU...awhile ago I put my underpants on inside out. This is TRUE!

  3. having trouble typing, rolling on floor laughing.. I have worn mine inside out, but never backwards. i hope this story does not put a jinx on me and i find myself out backwards.

  4. Oh, I've done that! It's not a big deal, and your decision to wait till you got home made sense. Listen, I've had a shirt on backward, mismatched shoes, mistaken dark blue for black leading to interesting ensembles, and left the house wearing slippers! Oh well!!!!

  5. Perhaps you are starting a new trend....
    Love that you just waited until you got home to change.
    We have all had wardrobe malfunctions but the important part is you were out with your Hubby having a wonderful time.
    That's the way to live life.

  6. A famous movie star who appeared in an episode of the detective Morse series put her shirt on backwards for a filming. She was told to "leave it on backwards, as it looked sexy." Hopefully your backwards shirt did not reveal too much.

    I hate to say it but, most people don't notice what we old-timers get up to. Dianne