Friday, July 5, 2013

How sweet it is!

A welcomed break from the road

Some folks bemoan receiving gift cards as presents. Not me! Whether it is a gift card, an actual physical gift or a personally crafted item, it means the giver thought about me and cared enough to act on that thought. And giving the gift cards to others on occasion can be a real help to me as I deal with my post-stroke shopping deficiencies.

Our extended family is filled with wonderful givers of tangible gifts as well as gifts of their time and themselves. And our daughters-in-law and sons are right up there among the most thoughtful and creative of gift-givers. Their gifts have covered the spectrum of gift categories, including gift cards. 

Triggering these thoughts was a stop we made during a recent trip. Husband Walter and I exited the interstate to find a Starbucks for a fix of hot beverages and free WIFI, all thanks to a gift card from DIL Sarah. 

As I enjoyed my hot tea, it occurred to me that both gift cards and travel bring me enjoyment. And I enjoyed thinking about the similarities the two share. 

With a gift card I enjoy thinking about what I will "spend" it on, the enjoyment of making the purchase, the enjoyment of whatever I have purchased and the entertainment of remembering the experience.

Similarly, when it comes to travel, I enjoy the process of deciding a destination or destinations, the planning, which Walter handles and peppers me with questions, conversation and hints of surprises. Those conversations all build my anticipation of the trip. Then there is the travel experience itself as well as the memories.

There are obvious differences. Travel is more involved and more intense.

Oh, and there is one more difference that frugal Hubby and I savor: Travel is not without expense. But for our break from the road, Hubby handed over the gift card--no cash or credit card charge. We just sat back, breathed in the aroma, sipped and enjoyed.

Oh, how sweet it is.


  1. I agree, we have to have things to look forward to, or else life is just too hard. We have gotten quite a few Starbucks gift cards as gifts, we love it!!! And I also agree about traveling new places, and stopping to see different things.

  2. and your sweet gift card makes a very sweet sounds like your family knows just what to give you..

  3. I think gift cards are very thoughtful. They let you get what you really want and for me it is like found money.

  4. I enjoy giving and receiving gift cards, too!

  5. AS others have said, gift cards are great.
    There is no cash or credit cards to fiddle with and we can get what we want or need exactly the way we like it.
    You have a very thoughtful family.