Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stroke recovery update

May 31, 2013 was my final therapy session, maybe for a while, maybe for good. But I hope that I can return to therapy once policy changes are clarified.

In the meantime I have reason to be hopeful that my progress will continue. Improvements are minute and slow in developing but any progress is encouraging.

My creative and inspiring occupational therapist Amy assigned a set of exercises for me. I am convinced that with the help of my husband, friends and a loving God who has been with me throughout this journey, I will continue to do my part to strengthen my stroke-impaired left shoulder, arm and hand.

During my final sessions before discharge, Amy fulfilled my request to “put me through my paces” and correct anything I was doing wrong in the exercises that she assigned me. I do have difficulty remembering the precise routines. Getting them right is important. Every single facet of each exercise she gives me targets a specific limitation or set of deficiencies that I have.

In addition to the exercises, I have three different splints

That doesn’t mean I do every one of the splints and exercises every day. Logistics of activities on the home front can make consistency difficult to maintain.

Life can certainly be distracting.

Travel puts an even greater dent in the time and energy that we devote to exercises and splints. But travel comes with its own benefits for this stroke survivor. Splints and exercises stretch brain, muscles and nerves. Travel stretches my stamina and the abilities to adapt and to find enjoyment in the unexpected. 


  1. (((HUGS)))

    I am so thankful for you and for your determination, the fine Doctors and especially that wonderful husband of yours.

    With God's work in your life you will
    have victory.

    Keep on exercising and traveling. both are good for your soul.

  2. keep doing what you have been doing, you are Amazing! and I know you will have loved ones to prod you and guide you and lead you plus your determination to overcome.. and travel is good for you i think

  3. It sounds like you are well along on your road to recovery, and the exercises, splints and travel all will help you regain strength.

  4. I do hope you continue on your own if it doesn't work out policy wise to continue therapy. I recently read a book about stroke recovery "Running Free"by Kate Allatt and she got a lot of her improvement doing her therapy on her own time. You have made such wonderful progress and shown such determination. I have no doubt you will continue to make progress.

  5. You are a wonderful example to all of us, and I think you give hope to many, stroke is such a truly scary thing.

  6. Sending well-wishes your way as you continue your post-stroke journey :)

    Keep on keeping on!