Monday, July 1, 2013

A July 1 first

This morning is the first time in our more than 40 years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that we have been able to open our windows and turn off the AC on July 1 without melting.

At this time of year even on cloudy days the weather is usually hot and humid. 

The cool breeze I am enjoying probably won't last long. It is almost noon. The sun is shining, and I don't see a leaf stirring. 

A ceiling fan is keeping me comfortable right now, and I will enjoy while I can. What a surprising and pleasant first on this July 1.


  1. did you send your heat down here, our AC has been running solid for a month and with all the rain we are having it is a steam bath. enjoy it while ye may... and i do hope it continues through the 4th for you

  2. Open windows on July 1st? Now that IS a rare treat! Enjoy while you can :)

    Yesterday was sort of pleasant here until lunchtime--then the rains came again! Oh well, if it's not one thing, it's another.

  3. It was cooler here today too. Meanwhile I read the West Coast is sweltering. You are right, let's enjoy it. Dianne

  4. This is GREAT! About time for some nice weather!! Hasn't it just been crazy the last year?

  5. Me too. It was 57 this AM and I had to put on a jacket to walk Mighty. YES!!! How different from last year with all the 100 plus temps.
    We are surrounded by agony in other states however with either fire or flood. Weird.