Monday, July 15, 2013

At home in the kitchen

Nate the chef (Photo: Walter Skupien)
The sight above greeted me as I was enjoying a morning cup of tea during a recent visit to our Georgia tribe.

Grandson Nate, almost nine years old, had quietly assembled a skillet, mixing bowl, spatula, and egg carton from the refrigerator. I noticed him after he had pulled the family “time-out chair” in front of the stovetop and set to work.

During the family’s June beach vacation, a cousin about two years Nate’s senior had introduced his younger relative to the joys of preparing scrambled eggs.
Culinary confidence in action  (Photo: Walter Skupien)

A male at home in the kitchen is not unusual in our family. Nate is following in the footsteps of his dad Walt; Baboo, his dad’s dad; and his uncle, our younger son Jeremy.

Nate earns spot among our family's male cooking enthusiasts. (Photo: Walter Skupien)   

The camera had no effect on Nate’s poise or progress. He finished cooking, plated the three scrambled eggs and chowed down.


  1. good job Nate.. and I feel all children should be taught to cook.. my brothers wife good not even boil and egg when they got married and my hubby's first wife had never cooked anything when they got married... male and female should be able to feed themselves... you are blessed to have all those cooking males in your life.

  2. Good for Nate! It's good to teach the guys how to cook. It makes things go a lot smoother when something happens to mom.

  3. I love men who can cook. David can't or won't, but my sons do. My youngest son John has put on weight from eating his own cooking.

    Good for your grandson, learning a
    cooking skill. I think he can scramble eggs better than I can. Dianne

  4. This is awesome, more boys need to learn how to cook!!!

  5. Way to go Nate. My dad was chief cook in our house and I do believe men make the best ones.

  6. Excellent to be so comfortable in the kitchen and in front of the camera. Every Blessing Freda from Dalamory

  7. Way to go Nate.
    I love seeing confidence in the kitchen.
    He'll never go hungry.