Thursday, July 11, 2013

Playing with food

Salad day

Our fresh-from-the-garden salad days are just about coming to an end. The cucumber vines dried up as did two of our four tomato plants. But we have enjoyed the bounty while it lasted.

Husband Walter treated me to huge and healthy salads regularly. On the day he assembled the one above, I had to wait for my laughter to subside before I could dig in. Along with the grilled chicken on top of the veggies, he had garnished my salad with several slices of boiled egg, each with one of the tiny “sweet pea” tomatoes right in the center of the yellow yolk.

Hubby hits a bullseye with playful, tasty salad.

This was one time that I was definitely happy about somebody playing with food.


  1. just the fact he made the salad for me would make me happy, add the art and woooo hoooo

  2. This looks like the best Chef's Salad! I think that Walter would be such fun to be around!

  3. Beautiful salads. I am beginning to wonder if I will get anything. The rain has encouraged much blossom end rot to set in, although I sprayed with the appropriate chemical. Now that hurricane is on the way.

    Good your stuff ripened before the worst of the weather. Dianne

  4. Walter is a real keeper.
    Love his artistic bent and creativity.
    That salad looks marvelous.