Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today 2/26/2013

I am counting this morning’s blue skies after days of rain, thunder and lightening as an extra special birthday happy for me. Phone calls, cards, and in-person and online wishes have all given me touches of love. And as I type this I have a cup of hot tea beside me at our favorite coffee house.

That is a birthday treat from Husband Walter before we head out to the neuro rehab center for an occupational therapy session with Amy. That is also a birthday happy. It is now nearly two years after my stroke, and I am so thankful my gifted therapists are still working with me!

*   *   *   *   *

This is Day 3 of my fast from complaining. Several blogging friends commented on my fasting. Their comments were encouraging. I had wondered, though, “Why 21 days?” A comment by Arkansas Patti of The New Sixty blog gave me the answer. It takes three weeks to establish a new habit!

I have already hit a few bumps in this fast. Hubby and I were on the way to the library when we became involved in a discussion. At one point he said, “You told me to tell you, so I am. You are complaining.”

I didn’t think so, and I started to explain why my comments were NOT complaints. He stopped me. I almost insisted. I do have a tendency toward going for the last word. This time, though, I kept silent and thought about it. If he took my comments as complaining, then I either really was or I needed to reconsider how I was expressing myself.

I also caught myself several times yesterday harboring complaints, although unspoken. Complaints lodged in my noggin still count as complaining. I am encouraged, though, by a new sense of awareness. I hope that awareness lasts. And the fast continues.

UPDATE 2/28/2013
Somehow I thought I had posted my birthday post on Feb. 26 but apparently not. I guess two days of celebrating plus a chance to get out in our soggy yard derailed good intentions. I  was eager to prep spots so that we could get a few tomato plants in the ground once our four-day cold-snap passes.  

After tracking black moist soil indoors, I reprised Hubby's earlier plastic bag strategy to avoid dirty soles since my waterproof gardening shoes no longer work for me post stroke. I did enjoy myself, even with my goofy but effective footwear. The photo below was in a post here about my new garden "shoes."

March 2012 photo of my garden footwear


  1. Happy Birthday! And, I hope your day and coming year will be filled with blessings!

  2. I hope your birthday was a happy one!

    I'm so glad you mentioned your garden footwear again! I have tons of those bags, and they will work great for going out into our wet, soggy yard, especially the chicken coop!
    As a matter of fact, I used a bag as a rain bonnet during our rainy days :)

    Stay warm during our cold snap!

  3. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday to you Linda.
    I'm glad you had a good day.
    It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since the stroke.
    You have come a long way and God has blessed you with so much.
    Your complaining Fast is really working.
    Me...I have failed more than succeeded, but I know I am much more aware of what my mouth and thoughts are doing.
    Thank you for sharing this challenge.

  4. happy belated birthday... i think i will keep on complaining, i call it releasing stuff... i only complain to myself or hubby.. i am dying to know what you were NOT complaining about, i bet you were NOT... i love the foot wear and am impressed you are sticking to your fasting.

  5. I keep clogs out back but don't have much new garden to excavate. My gardens are mostly established perennial beds at this point. I get a landscaping service to come in the fall, mulch *using our compost, and mulch using their compost. Last year, I had them trim the Crepe Myrtle and roses. Can't do that donkey work anymore.

    Now I am potting things and that's a differnent ball of wax as they say. Dianne

  6. Nice that you have complaint police, aka your hubby. Had to laugh at your "last word" efforts.
    Has the habit formed? It is something we should all strive for.
    Hope your birth month was splendid.
    Love you garden shoes. I just got back from Walmart so I guess my new bag boots are waiting for me. Cool idea.

  7. Doesn't Walter ever complain? I would be surprised if he did not. Don't be so hard on yourself. Not all of us are saints! Lol.

  8. Wow I like your invention of garden shoes!
    A Happy Birthday just the same since you may not have received these wishes before from me!
    You look like a non-complainer in that garden hat smiling so delightfully.
    P.S. I am trying your idea only I need to be less negative. I need see the good in all a lot more!!