Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today 2/5/2013

Husband Walter is recuperating today, staying ahead of any pain with medication. He is sleeping a lot and exhibiting minimal interest in eating.

His surgery was a success. Thank you, dear blogging friends, for the prayers and positive thoughts on our behalf. If possible, my appreciation is even more heartfelt when I think of the photos and report the surgeon gave us yesterday.

Instead of a 3-centimeter-diameter stone identified via the earlier sonogram, what the surgeon found was a pear-shaped rock about 10 centimeters long and six centimeters diameter. It filled up the whole gallbladder. There was no bile, just stone and the sac surrounding it.

Hubby’s surgeon was still able to remove it through the laparoscopic procedure, although he did have to increase an incision from .5 inch to about 2 inches to accommodate the stone’s unusual size.

I have to say a few other thank yous:

-To walking buddy Ann who arrived at the surgery waiting room to keep vigil with me. She and sister-in-law Lila kept up such light and enlightening conversation going that worries had little chance to intrude;

- To Lila who stayed from start to finish then transported us from hospital to home. She then ferried son Walt back to the hospital to collect our van, returned to our home and stayed with us until Walt returned from picking up the prescription pain medication;

- To our daughters-in-law who encouraged their husbands to come to our aid with physical and emotional support. I admit that our sons and daughters-in-law were far more perceptive than we were about those needs;

- To Hubby’s mother and sister who brought him encouragement; and

- To Hubby’s surgeon, nursing staff and the gracious ladies staffing the surgery waiting room at Ocean Springs Hospital.

Walt is on his way back to Georgia right now. Son Jeremy arrived this morning and has been strapping me into my various splints for some of my “passive” therapy. We all three have been sitting here working on our respective MacBook Pro laptops. Hubby just now abandoned the laptop and is snoozing once again. 

Life is good!


  1. Wow, I had a bunch of gall stones but he had a boulder. Yikes. So glad he is doing well and how wonderful that you had such great support in such a trying time. That means so much considering the stress you were under.
    Hope you are both back to normal, make that better than normal, soon.

  2. that is a huge stone, glad he is doing well..

  3. Sorry I missed this yesterday. Where was I? Oh yes, an appointment. Good idea to thank your helpers. I remember some of them from previous posts and pics. I suppose my memory isn't too bad. Dianne

  4. I'm so glad to hear it's over and all went well :)

    Wow, that was some some stone! I know Walter has to feel better after having it removed.

  5. I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this! I pray for you and his for a quick recovery. My husband had a hard time with his recovery from his appendectomy in November! It took time and patience... I was so depressed that I couldn't even write on my blog for the 2 months! http://filledwithretirement.blogspot.com/ He is all recovered now. His message for you is: did they take out his appendix while they were in there?? Bea

  6. Beatriz, Nope, he still has appendix. And he is recuperating well. Thank you for the prayers.