Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: Fashion by Hubby

Hubby saves the day with fashion foot protection from WalMart (plastic bags) and rubber bands (Office Depot). 

Yesterday was beautiful. I hadn’t grubbed in the dirt since before my stroke in April of last year, and I was ready to be outside.

I have new shoes that protect my left ankle from the soreness that is a result of the stress from walking on uneven terrain or walking more than a limited number of steps per day.

But wait! Those new white athletic shoes are the only pair I have right now that are narrow enough to give the needed support. I don’t want to get them dirty.

And I don’t want to get dirt or debris on or in the sensor that is under my heel inside the left shoe or on the transmitter that is clipped to the outside of my left shoe. Both are part of the Bioness L300 Foot Drop System that sends electrical stimulation to reeducate the nerves and muscles that lift my toe up when I walk.

Hubby came to the rescue. He put WalMart plastic bags over my shoes and fastened them with rubber bands around my ankles. I spent a happy hour and a quarter weeding in preparation for planting okra seeds. At the completion of my enthusiastic grubbing in the dirt, my new shoes were still pristine white and my spirits considerably brighter.


  1. It's great to see you grubbing in the dirt again! What a great idea to keep your shoes pristine with the bags and rubber bands!
    Happy gardening, it's great for the spirit and the soul :)

  2. necessity is the mother of invention!

  3. NOTHING like gardening in the spring for healing!!!!! What a smart hubby you have!

  4. kudo's to your creative hubby. we used WM bags for all kinds of things, but have not used for boots YET.

  5. Oh, what a delightful post! I love your husband's kindness. What a compassionate soul! Glad you had a good time weeding.

  6. Doesn't gardening just make your day?? It kills my back but I love it anyway.
    Really like your hubbies idea and will give it a try. Tell him thanks.

  7. Clever solution and economical too. I bought off white tennis shoes and then folks told me my shoes were dirty. Go figure.

    Glad to see you out and about in the garden. I do it in small steps. Get a lot done that way. David helps. Dianne

  8. Hubby to the rescue with some creative and practical ideas. I like that. It is good to see you with a wonderful smile on your face and a gardening tool in your hand. Digging is the dirt is healing to the soul and good for the mind and body. I hope you get more time in the garden in the upcoming months.

  9. Grubbing in the dirt is some of the best therapy I know.
    It always brightens my spirits.
    You have a honey of a Hubby. His inventiveness saves the day for you.
    I haven't posted anything since last Tuesday because my computer wasn't cooperating.
    My son saved the day and got my pictures backed up and the crazy thing running again.
    Google, Picasa and Microsoft don't seem to like each other at the moment. It probably means I'm going to have to learn some new software and techie stuff. This poor brain isn't going to be happy about that.
    So glad to see you are making great strides in your recovery. I'm fascinated learning about the stimulator for your foot. Its amazing and wonderful.

  10. good idea, this plastic bag lark.

    Gardening season is upon us, I too am spending an hour or two out of doors, just to get back into the habit. Stay well and enjoy the outdoor work.