Friday, February 15, 2013

Today 2/15/2013

Four days since I last posted. My relationship with my laptop lately has been strained. The laptop is working wonderfully. My eyes are not. It is definitely time to make an appointment with the eye doc.

And that is on my list once all of Husband Walter’s follow up visits regarding his hiatal hernia and his gall bladder surgery are completed. In the meantime I may be even more sporadic than usual about posting and visiting other blogs. It doesn’t take many minutes on the computer before a headache arrives, and my eyes feel scratchy and unhappy. On top of that, cool weather has increased the stroke-related tone that tightens the muscles of my left side uncomfortably. Rats.

You wouldn’t know it from the two-paragraph whine above, but all is far from gloom and doom here. Today is the second day of blue, blue skies. Our azalea bush that started blooming early has kept its blooms through two hard rains earlier in the week and continues to display more new blooms.

Sunshine and blooms have definitely chased the dismals away and even executed some eye-care. They have opened my eyes and mind to many other things, seen and unseen, that are around me and that provide abundant doses of joy. Just the prescription I needed.

May you have a wonderful weekend full of blessings.


  1. You do need a visit to the eye doctor! In the meantime, try not to strain them, we will be here waiting! One thing I found out is when we are on the computer, we don't blink near as much and that makes our eyes dry and blurry. Usually moisture drops help.

  2. I agree with Ginny. If you have dry eyes to begin with, the computer will really irritate them and make them worse. Hope the eye doc can fix them up for you.
    Don't over do, we will wait.

  3. well your eyesight did not effect your photo taking ability. i like the arty type photo of your glasses. my yearly eye exam is coming up next month. good luck with yours. sorry the cold is messing with your muscle tone. you are such and inspiration to me....

  4. That's too bad. I hope new glasses help you. Do try Visine Tears for Dry Eyes, as they soothe mine always. Take care!

  5. Love the spiritual eye care you have gotten.
    I am glad the weather is cooperating a little bit.
    Don't worry be on the computer when you can, we'll still be there for you.
    Hope new specs will do the trick.
    Keep running that race!

  6. I have just the opposite. My left eye waters constantly and I look like I am crying. I suppose i should be grateful for that..a residual from my stroke almost 8 years ago. Dianne

    PS or maybe its old age??

  7. That’s the ticket, get away from the strain and look at the calming greens of nature instead. Blogging can wait.

    May your week be all sunshine and joy.

  8. It's hard to focus on the good things in our lives! My cousin wrote about the Happiness Project. Have you heard about it. Here is the link on my blog... :) from Bea

  9. Last night, I went to bed with my eyes feeling tired and scratchy--and I have new glasses! I think pollen may be part of my problem.

    I never realized that cold weather affects stroke victims. I know it sure does a number on this arthritis victim though!

    Looking forward to more of your posts and visits as soon as you are up to it. In the meantime, keep smiling :) Still praying for y'all.

  10. Yes, my eyes are awful and my headaches only slightly better too. I changed the height of my chair by adding a cushion, and I feel much better. :)

  11. Sounds like you're already experiencing spring! Hope the weather is warming and you are having less side effects. Sight is so precious - you need to make time for yourself and get those eyes checked!