Thursday, February 7, 2013

Today 2/7/2013

Hubby at our post-surgery recovery center
Husband Walter is definitely on the mend from Monday’s laparoscopic gallbladder removal. This morning, however, he was suffering from a severe case of cabin fever.

I convinced him not to drive our van. Our compromise was a walk . . . I thought. It turned out he had in mind a one-mile hike to and from Coffee Fusion, our favorite coffee shop and hangout.

Upon learning the coffee shop was our first outing since the surgery, proprietor Adam quipped he would post on the Coffee Fusion Facebook page:
“Coffee Fusion, post-surgery recovery center.”

We are back home now. Hubby did fine, exhibiting more stamina than I did. After about a week without any of my usual mile-plus walks, I had to take a rest stop at a bench on the way to the coffee shop.  After tea and coffee during our break at the “recovery center,” we both made it all the way home non-stop. But Hubby is snoozing in front of the TV and I am ensconced on the sofa with my laptop.

Azaleas and rain
Rain last night turned some of our azalea blooms into a limp mess. Many beautiful blooms remain, but the billowy cloud of deep pink has lost its billowyness, if that is a word. I hope there are enough unopened buds to restore that facet of the azalea’s appeal.

Gift of cheer
I can still enjoy some indoor flora, though, as my Christmas celebration continues. Our oldest son Walt and his family gave me a pretty pottery vase plus a subscription to a “flower club” that ships fresh flowers periodically.

Our first shipment arrived over a week ago, beautiful yellow roses, snapdragons and a number of other blooms. In addition to the colors and the variety of the flowers, I appreciated the information sheet that identified the species in the bouquet and gave information about their horticultural origins and history.

A week and a half later I have removed the roses and baby’s breath that were done for. Left were specimens of a new variety of lime-green chrysanthemum and most of the pink asters. They looked like a brand new arrangement in that vase. Daughter-in-law Sarah has a talent for pulling together creative combinations for gifts.

A different kind of flowers: daughters-in-law Sarah, left, and Katie; granddaughters Charlie, Stella and Molly Kate

I have a grandmother’s delight in the development, conversation and antics of our grandchildren. Another creative Christmas gift from our youngest son Jeremy’s tribe is fueling that delight. Their gift includes a collection of their recent photos of their family and a 2013 calendar with photos of all six of our grands, their parents and Hubby and me, all products of the online prowess and organizational skills of daughter-in-law Katie plus the photo skills of both Katie and Jeremy.

The images offer bouquets of bright moments daily as I consult the calendar or pass our upright piano where both our Louisiana and Georgia grands join older loved ones on top of the piano. 

The images in the framed and unframed photo gift collection are not accessible right now in digital form. Instead I have included the photo above and below as samples of some Christmas "flowers" I have enjoyed on Katie's blog, The Daily Skup
Walker, left, and Molly Kate

And that is how my Christmas has continued into the new year and merrily through the first week of February.


  1. I knew coffee fusion is close, but many minutes one way? So glad Walter is ding fine! The kids are beautiful. We get a granddaughter calendar each year at Christmas and hang it in the Kitchen, it has become a tradition.

  2. You have so many blessings to count!! Lovely post!!

  3. Walter is doing well, as are you! It's good you have a destination with such a great reward!

    And those grands .... is there anything better than grands? :)

  4. this is the way that surgery is supposed to go. i am so happy he is doing so well. i was in bed for 6 days to sick to get up.. but that was allergic reaction to the anethesia. i ended up in ER and at the doc office twice in two weeks. glad to know the docs did not lie to me when they said it would be and out and easy. just like yours. those babies get prettier every time i see them

  5. What beautiful grands you have. My older daughter always gives me a family calendar around the new year. Love it!

  6. Walker and Molly Kate are just darling. They are so bright-eyed.
    I don't blame you for not getting enough of them.
    I'm so glad your sweet Hubby is recovering so well. A one mile walk to the "Recovery Center" sure proves it.
    Pretty flowers from the family too. I like how they just keep giving.

  7. A nice walk with a reward at the end is the best incentive. Glad you both made the trip just fine.
    Lovely flowers you have, the two legged ones in particular.

  8. So glad that's over with, but please urge him to take it easy for how ever many weeks the doc said to. Why? Because if you start walking miles, you end up with internal scar tissue that causes all sorts of problems. After my gall bladder surgery, I felt so well I built a rock garden. That sure fixed my future for me.

    Yes, wonderful pictures and lovely daughter in laws with the granddaughters.

  9. My goodness, the children are growing like the proverbial weeds. Lovely.

    Happy to hear you are BOTH in recovery. Have a good weekend. Dianne

  10. Walter appears to be doing quite well, and I'm so glad!

    Your family seems to have put a lot of thought into your Christmas gifts. I love the ideas they came up with! Those sweet faces of the grandchildren plus the regular deliveries of flowers should easily carry you happily through 2013 :)