Monday, February 11, 2013

Today 2/11/2013

A suite of sound effects has become an increasingly noisy element of the aging process for Husband Walter and me. Our most recent discussion about the variety of our unintentional vocalizations occurred this morning as Hubby maneuvered his post-operative torso to help me affix my Bioness cuff beneath my left knee.

A lengthy growl of the “Errrrrrrr” category accompanied his effort. The phenomenon of such involuntary sound effects sneaked into our lives a number of years ago. I first noticed my slide into primitive guttural expressions when I would sit down on or stand up from a low sofa, chair or other surface.

I noticed the other day, as I attacked a sniffling, itchy, runny nose with a tissue, that I was emitting a steady, moderately loud, unbroken hum during the whole process. I am not sure if I sounded like a satisfied, giant cat or a dangerous robot preparing to subdue its masters.

Since it is pollen season for some kinds of trees or plants almost year-round in our northern Gulf of Mexico region, I may have to develop a system so that Hubby can alert me to turn that hum off when we are around “normal” people.

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Calling all bloggers who blog via Blogger. I have a question. For the first time since I started blogging in November 2009, I have been forced to change the way I position photos in my posts. No warning.

Here is what was quick and worked well until a couple of weeks ago: I would block, copy text from Word and place it in the Blogger post editor. Before clicking on the photo icon at the top of the post editor, I would make sure my cursor was in the position where I wanted the first photo to appear in the post.  I would click on the photo icon. Next I would click on the “Choose Files” button and select the images from my hard drive.

Once they all loaded I would click so that the photo I wanted in the first position was the only image with the blue box around it. I would click on the “Add Selected” button. The photo would appear right where I wanted it.

I would move the cursor to where I wanted the next photo, click the photo icon, click the next photo, click “Add Selected” and continue repeating the whole process until all the photos were in position.

Now, no matter where my cursor is in the text, each photo comes into my post at the top and I have to drag it into position. It takes me longer, and I sometimes have difficulty getting photos where I want them. Obviously, there is some simple solution that is eluding me.

I am hoping that solution will appear when I am searching for an answer to some new aggravation, and there always seems to be a new aggravation, probably because a lot of operator error, ignorance or both is involved. As I stumble around in a digital daze hunting the cure for my extreme befuddlement, any words of wisdom will be appreciated!


  1. blogger is having hic ups, it should fix itself. i got up this morning and my google reader said i had 265 unread post. it had added 5 to 11 of every single post that posted this am to my reader. if someone posted, there was the new one and 11 of the old ones. i am thinking blogger is once again making changes and this to shall pass... and we both make those sounds you are making...

  2. So far this hasn't affected me. I don't think I use the same reader thingy you do.
    I can't take these crazy "updates".
    Non techy me won't be happy if they do it again!!
    The sounds comments made me laugh.
    My Hubby and I often make quite a duet.
    Getting older...sinus' issues and various aches and pains make for some dubious harmonies.
    Happy music of the spheres today.

  3. I have never heard of this happening, how annoying! We also make noises...usually loud groans when sitting down or standing up. The standing up ones are getting louder and louder for me!

  4. People at work used to complain about my sighing. I guess I hated every single one of my jobs! Lol. So glad I am retired, now, and don't sigh anymore.

  5. Oops, I wasn't aware now I will pay attention. Pretty sure I make noises also.
    I haven't had any problem with Blogger and follow the same procedure you do for photos. Hopefully like Sandra said, it is a hiccup. I'd Google
    just to be sure. That site states the current problems and when they expect to fix them.

  6. I'm no help with blogger problems. I'm always amazed when my posts turn out in any semblance of what I planned. I do create my blogs on blogger itself. Maybe, that is why I haven't had any problems.

  7. I haven’t come across that one yet. I can still choose photos via the old way, several photos at a time, if I want to. Hope somebody can help.

    As for the grunts, now that you come to mention them, they have become part of the background noise of our lives too. We don’t even notice them anymore. Sometimes I’m aware of what I’m doing when we are with other people.


  8. I use WordPress and they have also changed the way you upload photos. I still haven't had the time to master the new "easier" method...ha ha. Dianne who just released a groan or sigh.

  9. I was unaware that I am constantly sighing and groaning until granddaughter began copying me when she was small!

    I once had the same difficulty with blogger. It mysteriously cleared up on its own. Hopefully, it will resolve for you, too.

  10. I've had no problem with loading photos. I compose and add right from the blogger platform. Hmmm - now I'll be super aware to see if we have any unsolicited vocals.