Wednesday, February 6, 2013

West Coast travel: Charging stations

Plug-in for charging electric cars
On Day 7 of the West Coast trip that Husband Walter and I took in October, the charging station above for electric cars caught my eye. That was the first I had encountered. Earlier that morning, we took advantage of the kind of charging station that is more familiar to us.
 Our kind of charging station. Photo by Walter Skupien

We refueled and charged up at the continental breakfast served by The Gables Inn where we had spent the night in Sausalito, California. My selections of abundant fresh fruit, buttered toast and a couple of cups of English breakfast tea provided a delightful start to my day.
Enjoyable and healthy . . . a no-guilt breakfast

The inn offered the breakfast treats in a comfortable and lovely setting that encouraged leisurely enjoyment of conversation and the fare presented there.

An enjoyable spot to start our day

Afterwards the flowering vines festooning the adjoining balcony beckoned.

Balcony flora at The Gables Inn.

More memories, simple but good.


  1. This all looks so lovely, and the food wonderful. I have never seen a charging station like this, I will keep my eyes open now!

  2. Since I rarely travel, I enjoy reading about your experiences. What a lovely place to stay!

  3. cool charging station, i have not seen one here, we don't have many electric cars here... i much prefer that second charging station, NUM NUM and the flowers to

  4. I like your charging station better. The Gables Inn must be a lovely place... enjoy!!

  5. I prefer fruits to veggies. Love the pretty colors of yours.

  6. Those are pretty flowers on the vine, but I can't place it. Must be one of those exotic CA plants. The fruit compote looks exquisite. Thanks for sharing your memory bubbles. Dianne

  7. Interesting about the charging station. I've never seen one and always wondered how much they charge for charging.
    What a nice breakfast you had. Loved the fruit bowl.